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Poetry by Scott Donahoo

I Have A Question

Mommy I have a question
Mommy where have you been?
Mommy do you have a new friend?
Mommy daddy loves you very much
Mommy I know he does a whole bunch
Mommy I miss you and daddy does too
Mommy why do you do this, tell me the truth
Mommy I don't want a new daddy this one's just fine
Mommy he's the one I can call all mine
Mommy don't leave us and break our little hearts
Mommy the kids at school are making rude remarks
Mommy I stick up for you but don't understand why
Mommy you're the one who left and made me and dad cry

Scott Allen Donahoo

My Grandpa And I

My grandpa and i were best friends for life
He made me happy and see the light.

We were invincible my grampa and i
Its not fair god took him away from me,
please bring him back, i beg of thee

God how come all good people have to die?
I just don't understand why,i need my grandpa
really bad,i need him because im really sad
Grandpa you left me without saying goodbye
Grandpa you left me behind

God why did you take him so fast?
When my grandpa and i were having a blast
Did you need him to do something for you?
You left me on earth without a clue

im sorry grandpa im trying to be strong
but its very hard when you are gone
I will always remember the times we shared
The values you taught me to show you cared

I know i have to let you go
You will always be in my heart and soul

Scott Allen Donahoo


she meant so much to us,
She taught us morals,
she taught us trust.

She used to hold me,
when it would storm.
Just like she did,
when I was born.

Growing up she taught me,
right from wrong.
Together we would sing,
our favorite songs.

Grandma, Where are you going?
Don't leave me here.
God, don't take her,
I promise to share.

Nobody else can have her,
she's all mine
But, I knew in my heart,
that it was time.

I'm going to miss,
my grandma very much.
I am going to miss,
her voice and tender touch.

Grandma has taught me,
all I need to know.
Now it is time,
to let her go.
When I see the sun,
shine up above.
I will always think,
of grandma's love.

Words of love by:
Scott Allen Donahoo

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Copyright 2002 Scott Donahoo