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Widdershin's Apothecary ~ Bringing Magick to Life - Botanicals in the Herb Room ~ - Greenville, SC

In the Herb Room

Herbs also available in Bulk

Widdershin's Apothecary offers hundreds (around 400, check the Curio Page also) of herbs, woods, minerals and resins of high quality, for any magickal need for your own preparations, rites, or workings. All our botanicals are 100% natural and contain no chemicals. Herbs are either certified organic, organic, wild-crafted or grown locally. Most are sold by weight. The per ounce price listed on this page is for In-Store purchases only.

All herbs are packaged in convenient 1 ounce quantities (not the usual internet size of 2X3 inch and weighing less than 1/2 ounce) in reusable zip lock baggies.

We are always adding new items to our stock!
Not all items are listed on our web site. Call us to see if we have what you are looking for!

This list was updated August 26, 2009
Not all Herbs may not be added to purchase page yet.

Herbs in Shop

Acacia Gum Adderís Tongue Agrimony
Ague Weed Alfalfa Alkanet Root
Allspice AltheaAlum Crystals
Aluminum AlumAmaranthAngelica
Anise, seedAnise, star Apple powder
Arnica flowersArrowrootAsafetida
Avocado leaf  
B Herbs
Balm of GileadBarberry root Basil
BayBearberryBeet Root
BelladonnaBenzoin gum Bergamot
Beth Root Birch Bark Bistort
Blackberry Blackberry leaf Blackberry root
Bladderwrack Blessed Thistle Bloodroot
Boneset Borage Brugmansia--Tree Datura
Buckthorn Burdock Butcher's Broom
Butterfly RootBlack Nightshade 
C Herbs
Caesarís MushroomsCalamus Calendula flowers
Camphor Caraway Seeds Carnation
Carrot PowderCascara SagradaCascarilla herb
Catís Claw barkCatnipCayenne powder, 40m
Cedar ChipsCedar TipsCelery seed
CentauryChamomileCherry Blossoms
Chia SeedChickweedChrysanthemum
CilantroCinchona BarkCinnamon / Cassia
CinquefoilCleaverClover, red
Clover, whiteClovesCohosh, black
Copal, Black MayanCorianderCornsilk
Couch-grassCramp BarkCumin seed
D Herbs
Dandelion leafDandelion rootDeath Cap Toadstool
Devilís ClawDevilís ShoestringDill Seed
Dill weedDittney of CreteDog grass
Dong Quai RootDragonís Blood 
E Herbs
Echinacea RootEchinacea, purpleElder Berries
Elder flowersElecampane Eucalyptus
F Herbs
Five Finger GrassFlaxFoxglove
G Herbs
GalangalGardeniaGarlic Powder
Garlic Salt Ginger PowderGinkgo
Goatís rueGolden SealGoldenrod
Grains of Paradise Guar GumGum Arabic
H Herbs
Hawthorn leaf & flowerHawthorn berriesHazelnut
Heal-allHeliotropeHemlock (Diluted)
Henbane (Diluted)Henna - NaturalHenna - Red
Hibiscus flowersHoly BasilHolly berries
Wing of BatHoneysuckleHoneysuckle Blossoms
HopsHorehoundHorny Goat weed
Horseradish RootHorsetail ReedsHouseleek
Hydrangea FlowersHydrangea RootHyssop
I Herbs
Irish MossIron weedIvy
J Herbs
JasmineJezebel RootJobís Tears
Juniper berries    
K Herbs
Kava KavaKinnikinick  
L Herbs
Ladyís MantleLaurelLavender
Lemon PeelLemongrassLicorice root
LilyLinden flowersLobelia
Lotus PlumulesLovageLovage Root
Low John Root    
M Herbs
MaceMagnolia BarkMagnolia Fruit
Magnolia LeavesMandrakeMarjoram
MarshmallowMay Apple RootMeadowsweet
Milk thistleMimosaMistletoe berries
Mistletoe, medicinalMistletoe, SacredMorning Glory
Motherwort MugwortMullein
Mustard, BlackMustard, WhiteMyrrh
N Herbs
NeemNeroliNettle leaf
NightshadeNutmeg powderNutmegs whole
O Herbs
Oak mossOlibanumOnion Powder
Orange peelOreganoOrris root
P Herbs
Parsley rootPassion flowerPatchouli
Pau díArco barkPeach BlossomsPeach leaf
Pear BlossomsPear leafPennyroyal
Peppercorns, pinkPeppercorns, black Peppermint
Poke LeafPoke RootPomegranate seeds
Poppy seedPrimrosePurslane
Q Herbs
Quassia Chips    
R Herbs
RanuculasRaspberry leafRed Root
Rice, Green Rice, RedRose leaf
Rose petals, pinkRosebuds, petals, red Rosehips
RosemaryRowanRowan Berries
Rowan wood
S Herbs
Saffron, Spanish Sage, white Salvia Divinorum
Sandalwood, red Sandalwood, yellow Sassafras
Senna Pods Whole Skullcap Slippery Elm bark
Solomonís Seal Southern John the Conqueror Spearmint
Spikenard St. Johnís Wort Stevia
Storax Resin Bar Strawberry leaf Styrax
T Herbs
Tonka Bean wholeTurmericTurnip Taproot
U Herbs
Uva Ursi    
V Herbs
ValerianVanilla PowderVervain, blue
VetivertViolet, Blue  
W Herbs
White Oak bark Wild Cherry bark Wild Lettuce
Wild Rose Thorns Willow, white Wintergreen
Wisteria Witch Hazel bark Witches Grass
Witches Herb Woad Root Wolfberry
Wolf's Bane (Diluted) Wood Betony Woodruff
Y Herbs
YarrowYerba MateYerba Santa
Yohimbe powder    

And more coming!
Click here to see pictures!