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How to Use your Personal Set of Runes

   Runes are mystical symbols in use since 200 BC; they are a means of communicating with our subconscious mind. There are many ways to utilize your personal Set of Runes. After some experimentation you will find one that's right for you.

   The simplest way to use your runes is the one runes method. After clearing your mind of other interference, concentrate on your question. When you feel the time is right, take one rune from your bag of Personal Set of Runes. Remember, this is acting as an oracle and not a "fortune telling" act. This will give you information regarding your question. It's up to you to use that information.

   If you feel you want to get more insight into a question use the three-rune method. Precede as before, this time take three runes from you bag.

   The first rune indicates circumstances surrounding your question.

   The second rune indicates a possible action for you to take.

   The third rune suggests a likely outcome if you do take that action.

   There are excellent books available which will suggest other avenues to explore in using your runes.