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Snoring Cat Oils & Waters






Tree of Life





We only use 100% pure roots, herbs and oils; sometimes an odd gemstone or metal may be added. No extraneous ingredients, fillers or synthetics are used!

This is the area of the business that Widdershin has his sister Willow overseeing. Willow, even though she is the smallest of his three sisters, is the most assertive and vigilant.

Anointing Oils - All anointing oils are made of essential and infused oils with no synthetics. They may be applied to the pulse points (usually the wrists) and the third eye before ritual, to dress candles used for their specific purposes, or to bless objects of spiritual or magical significance. All of our oils are blended with an appropriate carrier oil and so are safe for use on the skin, but inappropriate for use in an oil burner.

Condition Oils - Traditional formulas for all manner of purposes. Dress mojo hands or curios carried for a purpose with an appropriate condition oil. Use the condition oil to dress candles lit for the work. Oils can be used to dress oneself (e.g. the hands and wallet for money drawing, or other more intimate areas for love drawing). Condition oils may also be to dress surfaces and lay tricks for others.

Waters - Specially blended or acquired from Sacred sources. Magickally charged during blending or by centuries of blessings by various practitioners. Use on your altar or for formulary in your magickal operations.

All oils and waters are packaged in .5 fluid ounce glass bottles.

Our traditionally blended oils use the powers of herbs and oils to aid you in focusing the planetary qualities and energies during rites and candle magick.

All blends are created using only Pure Herbs, Essential or Infused Oils and Absolutes in a suitable carrier oil and under no circumstances has a synthetic compound been used in our blends as synthetics are considered dead and have no magickal or medicinal value whatsoever.

Our magickal oils may be a little more expensive than others but this is because you are guaranteed a high quality living oil and not just a cheap synthetic substitute.

At Snoring Cat Oils & Waters, delivering a quality product to you the consumer, is above all else, our objective. All our Magickal Oils are blended using the finest grade ingredients that are available, and are blended by hand in accordance with the correct ritual astrological correspondences. These are then added at the correct time to create the true essence of the blend, thereby providing you with a formulation that is more than just a nice smell.