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Wednesday June 22, 2005

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Welcome to our Web site!

Wicken Chickens was founded on some sunny day in May 2005 at the King Fisher Country Club when team members from Wicken C.C. decided to enter the tug of war.  The name for their team was aptly chosen by that nice, pleasant, pretty, well spoken young chap called Mark Reid.  His team members were overcome by his ingenuity and creativeness.  None-the-less, it did not deter them from their ultimate goal - to win! Being healthy, agile and of smaller frame was to be of no help to the pretty boy on this occasion.  His 'mates' (questionable) sought for weightier, less agile, more heavier bulks to tug their tag!  Before you could say 'fertilised eggs' they'd nicked his name and binned him off (along with Steve - who has height but not the ample waist) to the opposition. Needless to say that poor, pleasant, young man was left devastated - spitting feathers! 

But hey, this they tell me is just their Team Spirit!  

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