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Hello everyone,Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.Please come back and visit again!I am not sure what to write about myself so it might not be alot about me but here alittle bit about me I am 18 years old I'd was born on October 30th,1985 on Halloween Eve in St.John's Newfoundaland and Labour Canada,I spent 6 months in St. John's children sick hopstail for kids with sezjiers,My parents wasn't married until November 30th,1985 because I wasn't supose be borth until sometime in November.I'd grew up in small town about 2 hours away from St.John's Newfoundland and Labour Canada in alittle place called Terrenceville Newfoundland and Labour Canada until the age of 9 years old.I'd didn't know much about my father growing up beacause only seen him 2 months for christmas out of 12 months,My parents idea to move to the Mainland after my grandpa passed away with lung failture sometime in 1992.My mom and Anut decide to go on a trip to the Mainland to vist our father's while they where visting them I'd visted my grandma in English Habour SE Forth Bay Newfoundland and Labour Canada with my younger borther and my cousin having the greatest summmer in 1994,while the summer me and my cousin put my yonger borther in kitchen snik sailed him him out to sea finally we found him on the other side of the dock by the rocks,He though best time he ever had.My aunt and two cousins took off in the middle of the night while my uncel was working that summer my grandma had 4 heart acks in August 2000 while just visting for summer holiday,I'd didn't blend into differnt schools cause I'd been to six differnt schools its was very hard to make new friends when I'd got moved around to differnt schools,I'd love being around kids love being one at heart too.I'm the oldest out of two kids in the family.I'd have younger borther named Willaim that's few years in the differnect,On my spare time I'd like to spend time with my lovley amazing boyfriend, movies,music,campin,clubbing,dancing,talking on the phone,I'd love hip pop music,I'd almost been datting my wonderful boyfriend Josh for 6 months in May 1st 2004,I can't wait to contuie my degree in child and youth care in September,I'd love working with kids the can teach you sometimes you didn't know about while growing up and they make working seem like fun even though it might be a job still you have fun doing it and being around differnt kind of kids.Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.Please come back and visit again!

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