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Started as WWF 2K3/WWE Triple H Since: 03/08/2003

{The Scene}**The scene begins as the WWE is ready for the RAW house show and all the fans wait for the fireworks to explode and the show to start.**

{The Scene}**The fireworks explode and all the fans are on their feet and screaming for their favourite WWE superstars who are back and ready for a great show. The camera flashes around at all the fans and then stops and lands on J.R and The King to start the house show.**

{"The Cowboy Hat Man" Jim Ross} Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the WWE RAW house show Live from the sold out ?? and what a show we will have with great matches its gunna be one hell of a RAW.

{"The Wanna Be King" Jerry Lawler} Thats right JR the WWE Tribute Pay Per View will be a great one so make sure you watch what happens in the World Wrestling Empire.

{The Scene}**The scene goes black as JR and King sign off and then the camera goes to the locker room as we join Marc Lloyd with Triple H**

{"Never Shuts Up" Todd Grisham} Triple H, ?

{"The Game" Triple H} .

{"Never Shuts Up" Todd Grisham} ?

{"The Game" Triple H} .

{"Never Shuts Up" Todd Grisham} And finaly Triple H, ?

{"The Game" Triple H} . Because I Am That DAMN Good!!

{The Scene}**Triple H leaves Marc Lloyd and goes down the hallways again as the screen goes black for a commercial.**

{The Scene}**The scene comes back as Triple H walks past the interview area and he stands their to wait for J.R to ask him a few questions.**

{The Scene}**Triple H comes on the screen and J.R starts the interview.**

{"The Oaklahoma Interviewer" Jim Ross} Triple H thank you for taking time out to answer a few questions.

{"The Game" Triple H} No problem JR.

{"The Oaklahoma Interviewer" Jim Ross} Now Triple H, ?

{"The Game" Triple H} .

{"The Oaklahoma Interviewer" Jim Ross} And Triple H, ?

{"The Game" Triple H} . Because I Am That DAMN Good!!

{"The Oaklahoma Interviewer" Jim Ross} Thank you Triple H for standing here and answering a few questions.

{"The Game" Triple H} Thats OK J.R any time.

{The Scene}**Triple H walks away from the interveiw area and JR goes back to commentating as the scene then goes black for a commercial.**






Red Rooster


WWE Tribute Pay Per View

{The Scene}**The show returns as we see Triple H walking down the WWE hallways and towards the ring.**

{The Scene}**"Triple H's music hits" as he appears at the top of the ramp. Triple H looks over the screaming fans as Triple H walks down the ramp a little bit more. Triple H then walks down the ramp and gets onto the aprin. Triple H stands on the edge of the aprin and poses for the crowd and spits his water as the crowd cheer.**

{The Scene}**Triple H then enters the ring through the middle rope and heads to 2 turnbuckles and climbs on them and posses for the crowd as they cheer for him.**

{The Scene}**Triple H then walks over and requests a micropohne. He gets it and raises it to his mouth and begins to speak.**

{"The Game" Triple H} . BECAUSE I AM THE GAME! And

{The Scene}**Triple H drops the microphone and then makes his way out of the ring. Triple H gets out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp. Triple H goes up the ramp taunting to the crowd. Triple H then walks backstage and down the WWE hallways again. Triple H walks out of the front doors and back into his locker room as the screen goes black.**

{The Scene}**The Scene Ends**