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Spells and Rituals

this is my favorite part of this site. I have always loved performing rituals to honor the God and the Goddess. Anyway, I am going to list some REAL spells and rituals in here. They are taken from an older spell book so please mind these rituals are older and I don't really know if a couple of them are used anymore. Use the drop down menu below to navigate.

WARNING: These spells are real. Please make sure your intentions are good before doing ANY of them. None of these spells are supposed to be used against someones will, but I relize you can alter one word and they instantly will become against the Wiccan Rede. So I want to remind you one last time of the eight words we shall never forget:

"An' ye harm none, do what thou wilt."

Please forever keep those words in mind. Blessed Be. :)