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Dear Contact_FirstName,

Thank you for sending us information concerning dead hyperlinks/icons.  The following information has been submitted:

You stated your computer system is a computer, with opsystem installed. Your browser is browser, these details will be used to check the website for compatibility.  

The information below will also be use to check for any known problems:
Which version of Java is installed on the Computer System? javaselect
Does the hyperlink/icon generate a java script error? javaerror
Which page of the Website was displayed on the main window (centre window) when you tried to access the hyperlink/icon? mainpage
Which menu bar was displayed on the left side of the Website when the hyperlink/icon failed? menu
Please enter the name of the hyperlink/icon that failed to respond? failedlink
Did the hyperlink/icon generate a script error? error


Thank you for  your time in sending us the information. 


If you have asked us to contact you, we will be using the following information:


Name:  Contact_FirstName Contact_LastName

E-mail: Contact_Email

If any of this information is incorrect, then please use "back icon" on the browser to go back to the feedback form.  To return to the "Websites Home Page", select the "Return to Home Page" icon on the left.


Web Master, KR Computer Solutions

Revised: April 30, 2003 .