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Dead Hyperlink/Icon Feed Back Form

Please use this form to report any problems with the websites hyperlinks/icons. Please note that this website is still under development, and as a result some hyperlinks/icons may not function correctly or may generate errors, we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.   This website requires Java installed, or a Java compatible web browser like Internet Explorer for the hyperlinks and icons to function correctly.

The type of browser or operating system you have installed on your computer system may also effect how the website will function, so any information we receive concerning  the software you use will help us in further development of the website.

1 About your PC
  1. What type of Computer System are you using?

    Pc Desktop
    Pc Laptop
    Apple Mac Desktop
    Apple Mac Laptop

  2. Which Operating System or version of Windows is installed on the Computer System?

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  3. Which Internet Browser is currently installed on the computer system?

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2 Java Script
  1. Is your web browser Java Enabled, or Java Compatible?

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  2. Which version of Java is installed on the Computer System?

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  3. Does the hyperlink/icon generate a java script error?

    Yes No

  4. Which page of the Website was displayed on the main window (centre window) when you tried to access the hyperlink/icon?

  5. Which menu bar was displayed on the left side of the Website when the hyperlink/icon failed?

  6. Please enter the name of the hyperlink/icon that failed to respond?

  7. Did the hyperlink/icon generate a script error?

    Yes No

  8. Would you like us to contact you about this enquiry?

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Additional information or comments about the dead hyperlinks/icons:

Please provide the following contact information:  

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