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E3 2005 Convention Trip

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This is the second time Jason and I went to E3 and the first time Jim, Cheri, Launa and Ryan went to E3. Ryan is the only one whose pictures aren't here. Ryan is my roommate in Costa Mesa, CA. Once again the purpose of this site is to show the entire collaboration of photos taken at E3 2005. This time this site is more useful because there were 3 cameras used so showing anyone in particular will be easier over the Internet.

The first 5 pictures are of the Prince of Persia models and each one of us (Jason, Jim, Cheri and Launa) except for the second picture in which I am with 2 True Crime models. I refused to be in any pictures but the blond True Crime model (Chelsea) was an old coworker at the Hyatt. Other than that, I am not in any other pictures. This year more pictures were taken of signs and posters. Please email Hiroki or Jason for your comments.

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