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      Disc Jockeys     

Below we touch on the six most important areas you should know about when hiring a Disc Jockey for your private party or corporate event.

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  • Sound Quality

    • 15 years ago Disc Jockey's found themselves on the "cutting edge" of technology by switching their music formats from records to CD's.  Here at Premier Entertainment, we have stepped into the 21st century and taken sound reliance and dependability a step further.  All of our Disc Jockey music is presented digitally, free from any chance of skips or inactive CD's.

    • Why would we undergo this massive change?  Simple.  Mobile DJ organizations have a list of extremely popular songs which receive a large amount of airplay.  Through extended handling and playing, these discs can develop scratches and buff marks allowing them to skip easily or prohibiting them from playing at all.  Why take the risk of CD's skipping at YOUR event?  You shouldn't have to.  This is why we have invested more than 4 solid months into converting all of our CD files into digitally re-mastered mp3 formats.  We use only professional grade mixing programs which give us more versatility than most other DJ organizations operating off of CD's.  You deserve to hear every song played at your event with crystal clear sound, free from any skipping. 

  • DJ Lighting

    • You will never find any small lighting options with Premier Entertainment.  We supply your event with the best DMX controlled lighting available.  There is NEVER AN ADDED CHARGE for lighting.  We take the time to set up all lighting at all events, because we want you to be happy with your decision to hire Premier Entertainment.  All lighting is controlled by skilled Disc Jockeys trained in specially designed lighting seminars.

      Many DJ companies simply instruct their employees to turn on mirror balls and pin spots during slower songs and all of the remaining lights during fast songs.  Our DJ's manipulate our lighting grid constantly to enhance your guest's overall experience and make the lights truly "Dance" with you.  Your DJ's experience is the key to the success of your event, and lighting is one area that can bring much more to your event than you could possibly imagine!

  • Music Selection

    • You may need to read the following line twice to fully understand its' magnitude:

      Premier Entertainment is home to one of the

      Midwest's Largest Mobile Disc Jockey Music Selections!

      Currently our database of songs is over 17,000 different titles.  If you have read the "Sound Quality" category listed above you should now understand what took us 4 solid months to convert all of our files.  We receive all of the newest and hottest dance tunes available as they are released.    If your request was recorded by a Nationally syndicated artist we will bet that we have it available to play at your event.

      All music to be played at your event is discussed with you prior to your party's date.  We play only the styles you want to hear.  If there are any specific artists you do or do not want played at your event we are more than pleased to handle these requests.  Also, any special requests you may have for dedication dances are discussed at this time as well.

  • Professionalism

    • Premier Entertainment strives to promote a professional work ethic while working for you.  We treat all events with the class and respect that you deserve.  Our DJ's are always dressed to impress and always have their positive and energetic personalities with them.  All equipment set up arrangements are made exclusively with the venue's management teams so you are not disturbed on the date of your event.  Also, all wires and cables are carefully masked and hidden by the use of screens to give our DJ units a "polished" look and keep your guests out of harm's way as well.

  • Who Will Be Running Your Show?

    • This is a very important question to ask.  Many larger companies, especially, hire a large amount of people.  Many with very little knowledge of the equipment they are operating or the music they are working with.  Make sure you meet or speak with the individual who will be running your show.  At Premier Entertainment, most private events are handled by Premier Entertainment's owner, Tony Davis.  You can read more on Tony Davis and our other employees here.

  • What Is You Disc Jockey Willing To Do For You?     (Weddings)

    • Premier Entertainment not only provides the Disc Jockeys for your wedding celebration, but we are the Masters of Ceremony as well.  We attempt to organize Bridal parties together so the event runs smoothly, so your guests aren't waiting for individuals involved in certain announced traditions that may be detained at the moment.  We value your business, that is why we proudly handle of the following events for you.
    • Introduction of Wedding Party
    • Best Man's and Maid of Honor's Toasts - We supply cordless microphones so everyone will be able to hear
    • Prayer over the meal - We supply cordless microphones so everyone will be able to hear
    • Wedding Couple's First Dance
    • Father / Daughter Dance
    • Mother / Son Dance
    • Garter Removal
    • Garter Toss
    • Bouquet Toss
    • Money Dance
    • Anniversary Dance - Married couples are invited on to the dance floor.  Over the duration of 2 songs couples are removed until we are left with the longest married couple
    • Last Dance

All events and specific dances are in your control.  If you wish to add any specific dances or leave out any as well, we are happy to conform with your requests.


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