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                      The land in which Norway currently occupies was originally formed about 2-3

HOME                       million years ago when glacier began to melt.  The first sign of human habitation

Weather                 appeared around 9000 B.C.  These early inhabitants used hunting and manmade

Feedback                tools for survival.  The iron age began around B.C. and ended around 500 B.C. 

Hot Spots            During this age the inhabitants were seafaring and relied more on the sea for survival.

CULTURE            The Viking Period began about 800 A.D. and lasted till approximately 1050 A.D.  This 

ViSA                 is the period of Norwegian history where you hear of the bloody and gruesome stories so

links                 commonly associated with Vikings.  In 1814, the peace treaty in Kiel ceded Norway to

                      Sweden.  Soon after, Norway declared itself independent and established a law-making

                      unit.  A Danish prince by the name of Prince Carl was the first king of Norway when

                      he took control of Norway in 1905.  Norway soon after began to experience

                      tremendous growth.  The current king of Norway, King Hararld V took the throne in

                      January of 1991.