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HOME                                        The Fjords of Norway were formed more than a million years ago when

Hot Spots                               glaciers slowly melted across the land.  The numerous lakes, rivers, and

Lofoten Islands                    huge waterfalls make up some of the most picturesque landscape in all

 oslo                                                        of the world.  Norway currently has 21 national parks, which cover

 hammerfest                                     more than 15,000 square kilometers.  The wildlife in Norway provide

                                                                    animal lovers with the chance to view such animals as moose, musk ox,

                                                                    whale, beaver, reindeer, wolf, fox and many more.  Traditionally,

                                                                    the fjords have been the most popular tourist attraction in Norway.

                                                                    With numerous mountain lodges spread throughout the fjords, hiking

                                                                    and camping is a very popular

                                                                     sport in the fjords.