Queen of the Serbia and Montenegro 2003

This year in Pink studio in Beograd New Queen of Serbia and Montenegro was crowned.  Her name is Lidija Lazic while her first runner up is Andrijana Lucic and second runner up was Ana Trboljevac.  Title of Miss Public went also to Lidija while Miss Charm was Natasa Djurovic.  After last years Ilinkas title of Miss Friendship we are hoping that Lidija will be even more successful and win the title of Queen of the World to be held in April 2004 in Germany.

Miss Tourism Planet Title goes to Serbia and Montenegro

Suzana Milutinovic won the Miss Tourism Planet Title in Athens Greece.  With her poise she charmed the judges even though she arrived late do to the visa problems. Her first runner up was Kenya while Miss Ukraine took the title of Miss Model of the Planet.


Miss Serbia and Montenegro 2003

In the beautiful ambiance in Save Centar on October first new Miss Serbia and Montenegro was crowned.  This year Vesna Jugovic explained history of Dusan Popov -Original James Bond on whose life story all the scripts and movies about James Bond were written.  All thirty candidates this year portrayed Bonds beauties.  This year there was no runner ups but rather the girls were called up by the title they received.  So candidates that will represent Serbia and Montenegro in the world thought next year are Katarina Hadzipavlovic for Miss Earth 2004, Jasna Bozovic Miss International 2004, Biljana Veljkovic Miss Europe 2004, Dragana Dujovic Miss Universe 2004 (she also took the title of Miss Photogenic), and at the end the Miss Charm and Miss Serbia and Montenegro 2003 who will represent Serbia and Montenegro in Miss World is Bojana Vujadinovic, twenty three years old student of law who comes from Beograd. More about this event will be available in our contest section later this year. 

Top: Winner with other girls  Bottom: Top 10

Sanja Papic Second Runner up in Miss Europe Pageant

CONGRATULATIONS SANJA.  Sanja Papic Miss Serbia and Montenegro for Miss Europe has accomplished unseen success once again.  After placing fourth in Miss Universe Pageant Sanja has taken the title of Second Runner Up in Miss Europe 2003 pageant.  She looked stunning on stage during the whole event.  Sanja represented her country once again with grace and poise and has succeeded in her goal to represent our country at the best level once again.  miss Europe pageant was wonderful event.  I had a chance to be there live and watch this great spectacle.  I loved the stage.  It was very simple but so powerful and graceful.  My favorites before the pageant were Spain, Poland, Greece, Slovak Republic and offcours our Sanja who I think deserved to take the crown that evening since she was the only one out of the top five who answered her question correctly.  Miss Hungary was nice but not up to the Miss Europe standards.  I don't know what future holds for all of these girls but I know that Sanja has a great chances of becoming somebody famous not only in Serbia and Montenegro but through the world. 

Photo top: Sanja Papic and Miss Europe 2003 Miss Hungary.    Left: Portugal, UK and Sanja. Right: Sanja, Croatia and Bosnia.    Middle: Sanja during preparations in Guadalupe

Miss Serbia and Montenegro USA

Ever since being crowned Miss SCG USA Bozana Durman and Angelina Sasic have been doing a lot of promotional work.  Both of these girls appeared in many magazines, radio stations (Srpski Radio Chicago), as well as television stations (Televizia 4S).  One of the interesting events that one of the girls was able to attend was official opening of the new building for the Consulat of Serbia and Montenegro in Chicago.  This event was very well organized and could rival all the world standards.  The Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro Ivan Vujacic was also present at this event and the welcomed our Miss and many other well known Serbian people as well as international diplomats.  In short this evening of beauty and knowledge was one of the events to be seen on and our crew was there to bring the little piece of the atmosphere.  

Above-Ivan Vujicic Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro in USA and Vesna Jugovic president of Miss Yu Organization.
Left (L-R)-Vesna Jugovic, Angelina Sasic Miss Yu USA, his holiness Hristofor, Olgica Ravasi well known Serbian ballet dancer and Serbian Radio Chicago Marketing Manager.  

Sanja  Papic is Third Runner Up in Miss Universe 2003 Pageant

Miss Serbia and Montenegro Sanja Papic achieved a great success in Panama.  Sanja was chosen as third runner up in the pageant.  After coming back to Serbia this is what she had to say about Panama: "It is hard to explain in words how gratefulness that I have towards people of Panama.  During our tree week stay in this south American country they showed us that they have a great big heart." Sanja roomed with Miss Turkey and she also said that she truly believes they became very good friends.  Here is what Sanja had to say about her marvelous placement: "I was very happy when I got in to the top ten.  I didn't not have an slightest idea that my name would be in top five.  I thought what ever will be will be.  I knew before the final that I was one of the favorites but I did not have a slightest idea that I would get this far."  Sanja went back home and celebrated with her family and friends and now she is getting ready for Miss Europe 2003.  For all the pageant fans who would like to know what that last question was which was given by Sanja you don't have to wait longer because here is  your answer "Can plastic surgery be tolerated in beauty pageants".

Sanja Papic a favorite for Miss Universe title

Miss Universe Pageant started on Friday the 16 of May. Miss Serbia and Montenegro arrived along with other 71 girls that will compete in that pageant and completed some of the preliminary obligations that all the ladies had.  Sanja finished taking her pictures in her national costume, swimsuit, as well as the headshot.  Along with preparations for the final evening all the girls have been attending many events organized by Miss Universe organization and host country Panama.  Ladies have attended Candlelight Vigil as well as many different cocktail parties.  Sanja has been representing our coutry very well.  She has been described as lady with a lot of style and you can see that from these pictures of Sanja.  Good luck Sanja and hopefully you will make it into top 15.

One More Title For Miss Yugoslavia

In Brazilian version of Miss Nations Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) was represented by beautiful and intelligent Izvorinka Jankovic.  She and many other girls competed in  beautiful Brazil from may first until may 12 when the new Miss Nations was chosen.  The girls visited many beautiful and exotic landscapes as well as Argentina and Paraguay where the final evening was held.  Final evening was held in Mona Lisa Casino in Cidade do Leste. Izvorinaka took the title of Miss Friendship which is a great title since it is given by other contestants as well as the Miss Nations Organization.  Izvorinka (Inka) told us that she had an amazing time in Brazil and that she also got an invitation to compete in a next pageant this organization is preparing which is going to be in Moscow this summer.  Congratulations Inka and we wish you the best of luck!!!

      Ieve Models opens its door

 Just recently the web site for IEVE Models has been launched.  This agency that is owned and managed by Aleksandra Kokotovic (Top Left) has becoming known very quickly.  Some of the top Models from many different countries have joined this new agency, and many former beauty queens have done the same.  Iva Milivojevic (Top Right), Danica Prvulovic (Bottom Left), Ksenya Efimtseva (Bottom, Right), Marianela Laycano are only some of the names that can be recognized in this agency.  As the web site says IEVE is London based agency and it gets its name from the ancient Egyptian sacred temple's writing.  "IEVE represents the being that was, that is and that will be.  Its meaning is that of God and Eternity.  Its past is without origin and its future is with no boundaries" just as IEVE modeling agency will one day be, if it is not already.  IEVE is also staring to take many licenses for international modeling and beauty competitions.  Izvorinka Jankovic and Aida Osmanovic are only some of the girls that this agency has sent to international competitions. 

Best Model of 2003 Chosen in Sarajevo

This year Best Model of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been chosen in Sarajevo during the Fashion Week.  On April fifty, at "Dome Armije" in Sarajevo Gala night was held.  This ceremony is like Bosnian Oscars but it includes all the categories of entertainment and also modeling.  All the winners received crystal statues and a lot of the recognition.  This years Model of the Year is nobody else but Aleksandra Kokotovic.  This girl has had such an amazing success ever since she started her career as a model.  She was also Serbian representative for title of  Miss International two years ago.  Now she has opened her own agency "Ieve Models", and also she has been working all over the world.  The successes of Aleksandra are only some of the examples how career of the beauty queen can turn into a great career that can give you so many opportunities in life.  Aleksandra has been noticed by this page during her competition of Miss International, and ever since then she has been a great contributor and also a great friend of the webmasters.  Aleksandra is a very smart lady that knows her goals and works on accomplishing them very hard.  

Just a little bit before Gala Evening Aleksandra was a part of this years Sarajevo Fashion Week.  She single handedly opened and closed many fashion shows and was one of the most noticed models during the whole week.  This years Fashion Week housed many models from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Montenegro and also Zagreb.  One of the other noticed girls that has been known to the world of the beauty pageants that took a part of the Fashion Week was Nina Slamic Miss Croatia World 2002. 

All the papers in Bosnia said that Aleksandra is a great breath of fresh air, and a  surprise on Bosnian fashion scene.  Her performance that lasted for three and a half minutes during which she danced and did some dramatic performance, opened one of the fashion shows.  After completing her performance many people were breath taken with such a spectacle.  Television stations broadcasted many of the shows during the Fashion Week so Aleksandra received a lot of recognition and now is appearing on television and in many magazines across  Bosnia.  The preparation for the fashion shows lasted from early hours in the morning all through the day and all of them finished with great fashion shows at the end of the night.  In general this years Fashion Week in the Sarajevo was a great success.  Many new designers showcased their designs.  In this group of new designers we saw Aida Herceg, Aleksandra Lovric and many others.  We also had some established designers who showcased their new lines.  Iva Stefanovic, along with Modna Koca Nicol's were just some of the designers that were seen during the fashion week.  Many other prizes were given on the Gala Night.  If you want to read more about Fashion Week in Sarajevo visit  www.fashionweek.ba. 

Miss Bulgaria 2003 Final Results

Elena Tihomirova ( center) was crowned Miss Bulgaria Universe 2003 at a spectacular show at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia March 30. Elena is 22 years old and stands 1.76 m tall, and she will represent Bulgaria at Miss Universe in Panama. In December last year Tihomirova -from the town of Smolyan- was announced by Swedish Ambassador Sten Ask winner in the Santa Lucia competition in Bulgaria. Elena was selected among over 230 beautiful Bulgarian girls across the country. Rayna Naldzhieva (right) became the winner in the Miss Bulgaria World category. Rayna is 17 years old and 1.73 m tall. An accomplished dancer, she will travel all the way to China in December for the Miss World competition. The viewers of the Bulgarian National Television selected Antoaneta Kospartova as Miss Bulgaria Earth. Antoaneta is 20 years old and 1.72 m tall, and will travel to the Philippines in October to compete for the Miss Earth 2003 title.  MIss World 2001 Agbani Darego crowned new queens.  Georgina Bisheva took the title of Miss Internet while Iveta Vankova took the title of Miss Charm. 

 Miss Bulgaria World Protest against the war  

Ex Miss Bulgaria World Tania Korabelova like many other misses around the world have been protesting against the war in Iraq.  Tania found a specific way to protest.  Wearing only Bulgarian flag Tania protested in front of the American Embassy in Sofia.  

 Miss Bulgaria Contest has its Candidates

This years Miss Bulgaria contest has the web page (www.missbulgaria.org) which has pictures of all the candidates competing for crowns of Miss World, Universe and Earth.  Beauties of Miss Yugoslavia has chosen two girls as their favorites  Kamelia Raikova (top) and Yanitza Dimitrova (bottom)

  New Miss Croatia Universe has been chosen

New Miss Croatia Universe was chosen on March 11 in Opatija.  Her name is Ivana Delac.  Her First runner up and also Miss Photogenic was Katarina Marendic, and her second runner up was Danijala Jalusic.  

This year pageant had everything that Miss Universe pageant has swimsuit competition, gown competition and question and answer competition.  Miss congeniality title went to Martina Terzic.  Ivana received many expensive gifts for her win as well as Toyota Corolla for a year.  At the end there was a little scandal when Katarina Marendic first runner up was late for press conference after what she said she was stopped by all the other girls that were crying and thinking that she should have won.  

   Miss Serbia and Montenegro for Miss Nation (Brazil version)

Izvorinka Jankovic will represent Serbia & Montenegro at Miss Nation pageant that is to be held in Brazil at the beginning of May.  Izvorinka was born in Negotin but last 10 years she has been living in Belgrade.  Aleksandra Kokotovic, president of Ieve Models Agency which   opened its doors on Valentine day this year, chose this magnificent girl after she noticed her in Cuba.  She said:" I noticed that she had a great body so I booked her right away".  Ieve Model Agency is quickly becoming noticed. 

Pictures courtesy of Aleksandra Kokotovic.  We at Beauties of Miss Yugoslavia would like to thank Aleksandra for all her help.

    Miss Croatia Universe 2003

New Miss Croatia  Universe will be crowned on March 11, in Opatia.  Croatian television will be broadcasting this even live.  Preparations for the 20 lucky candidates started couple months ago.  These girls started their journey by filming clips at institute for beauty and continued on in Maribor .


On your left  you can see Katarina Culina which has been chosen Miss Beauties of Yugoslavia for Miss Croatia Universe.  

  Picture Courtesy of Miss Croatia Universe Organization

Ana Sargic is traveling the world

Ana Sargic took the title of Miss Yugoslavia in October and ever since then she has been busy with many activities that come along with that title.  Ana Sargic just recently returned from Shopping Festival that was held in Dubai.  She was a hostess of the show on national television as well as the person that picked prices for many drawings that were held there.  She will also be going to Dubai for fashion week later on this year.  Another interesting fact is that Ana Sargic will compete in Miss Nations beauty pageant to be held in Morocco at the end of April.

 Slavica Tripunovic back in Music Industry

 The last Miss Yugoslavia Slavica Tripunovic Dajana has had a successful career as a model but she also had a lesser known career as a singer.  Recently she produced a new album which will be available across Serbia & Montenegro soon which is called "Awakening".  After taking four years away from music and spending most of her time in Paris where she modeled Slivica told Balkanmedia that those four years passed very quickly for her so she did not even notice that it has been that long.  She worked with some of the best song producers and photographers in Serbia & Montenegro to produce this CD.  

Pictures courtesy of Balkanmedia.

New Miss Slovenia Universe

New Miss Slovenia Universe has been chosen and she is 20 years old Polona Bas.  Her first runner up was Tina Zajc and second runner up was Svetlana Bozovic.  Polena also took the title of Miss Photogenic.  She will represent her country in Miss Universe Pageant in Panama.  She was very excited by winning the title and after winning Miss Photogenic title she did not expect to win the whole pageant but as it turns out she was the most beautiful and intellectual girl that evening and she deserved to win the title.  This is Polenas second try at title of Miss.  She competed in Miss World Slovenia pageant in 2001 where she was one of the finalists.

Bosnian Representative start the new year with another victory


Aida Osmanovic, Bosnian Representative in this years Miss Tourism International, took the title of third runner up and Dream Girl of the Year International as well as best in National costume.  In the magnificent event held on New Years Eve in Malasya Aida was shining the whole night.  With her radiant smile she won the public and the judges and won these prestigious titles.  This is a wonderful start for Bosnia in this new year.




First time since Daniela Mihalices victory Yugoslavia has been represented at Queen of the world Contest

Ilinka  Radjenovic was this years Yugoslavian representative for Queen of the World title.  She was very radiant and nice to everybody so she received the title of Miss Sympathy as well as she placed in top ten of this years contest. This is a wonderful result being that last time that Yugoslavia compeated in 1991 they won the crown.