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Neighbours Girls

Elly Conway Kendell Nunn-2001-02-n-03

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Elizabeth [Liz] Smith Conway 2001, 2002
Parents: Grace Smith
Marital Status: Ian Conway
Susan and Carmel
Elly >
Occupation: Administrator at Swedish Embassy


& Karl




Lived: 28 Ramsay Street
Parents: Ian and Liz [Smith] Conway
Occupation: Student

All Elly wanted was to be loved and respected by her Mum. Instead she found herself being pushed from pillar to post whilst her Mum went abroad for months at a time. After being expelled from boarding school Elly found herself at her Aunt Susan ad Uncle Karl's house. She tried to kid herself that it would only be for a couple of weeks but deep down inside she knew it was for a lot longer than that. Elly rebelled by staying out late and generally being a worry for her Aunt and Uncle. Susan tried to understand her but Karl labelled her a troublemaker and wanted her out of the house. When Elly's Mum turned up unexpectedly Karl made her confess that she was starting a new life abroad which didn't include Elly. After a lot of pressure from Karl and Elly, her mum agreed to take Elly back with her.

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