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Neighbours Girls

Eileen Clarke Myra De Groot 1985-1988

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Nell Mangel

Eileen Clarke Myra De Groot (1985-1988): The interfering mother of Des Clarke, Eileen provided a lot of the comic relief during the show's early years. Whenever Des had a problem, it quickly followed that Eileen would be on his doorstep, with a shrill "Desmond" announcing her arrival. The talents of Myra De Groot were quickly proven when Eileen stopped being a comedy character and suffered from a breakdown and an addiction to tranquillisers. The tragic death of Myra De Groot meant that Eileen disappeared suddenly from our screens, but the comedy that she brought remains some of the greatest that the show has seen.
She was a Hypochondriac and demanded a lot of attention from Des.

She loved to interfere in any relationships Des had, and also loved to gossip and cause trouble with Ramsay Street's other resident busybody, Mrs Mangel.

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