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Neighbours Girls

Dorothy Burke Maggie Dance-1990-1993

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With Toby






With  Phoebe

 As principal of Erinsborough High, Dorothy was prim and proper to the untrained eye, but her wide-brimmed hat and icy glare hid a wicked sense of humour and many tales from her travels across the globe. With problems ranging from breast cancer to an ex-con for an ex-husband, the viewers really took Dorothy to their hearts. Dorothy's feuds with Madge Bishop and Joe Mangel were the beginnings of close friendships with both people, as Dorothy proved that you can't judge a book by its cover. As Dorothy finally found love and left Erinsborough for the country, Ramsay Street lost one of its most eccentric residents.
Family Clarrie McLachlan (father)
Stella McLachlan (mother) (deceased)
Russell McLachlan (brother)
Relationships Colin Burke (divorced)

Left with Tom, Toby and Bouncer for the country.

  Home / Up / Doula Tsobanopoulos _ Katherine Halliday - 2001 - 2002