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Neighbours Girls


Bree Timmins_Sianoa Smit-McPhee-2005

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With mum Janelle



 Bookworm Bree is usually the most sensible member of the family, She moved to Erinsborough when her mother Janelle found work there, as an apprentice hair dresser.

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You asked... December  2006

Do you get many people coming up to you on the street to talk about Bree? What do they usually say?
Yeah, I get heaps of people coming up to me asking me if I'm a goth in real life! Then they ask me how I do school and work. The first question I am always asked, though is, "Are you on Neighbours?" This happens whenever I go out. I'm kind of just used to it now. When I first started I was like, "Ooh, this is weird."

How do you find it on Neighbours with most of the girls being so tiny and you being a more natural size? Does it worry you? I think you're a great role model for most of us more natural-size girls. Thank you!
No, it doesn't worry me at all. It's cool and nice that everyone likes it so much. Since I turned goth, people have changed and I've had a lot more punky/goth people come up to me and say, "You look really cool." But some people come up to me and say, "You look weird." But that's alright.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
I've got three sisters and three brothers. The oldest is 30 and the youngest is one. We are close. I used to live in Adelaide, and they still live there, so every now and again we go over there.

When did you leave Adelaide? Did you like living there?
I loved living in Adelaide. It was cool. I moved over here when I was seven, because Dad started getting more acting roles. And he wrestles here as well. Most of those shows were over here, so that's why we came. Hes been wrestling for ages. That's how he got into acting actually.

Who are your fave co-stars to work with? Are you friends with Eliza Taylor-Cotter (who plays Janae)?
Yes, I'm very good friends with Eliza. When I first started we went on a holiday to Queensland together, which was cool. I get along really well with Nikki Whelan (who plays Pepper). We are very close. And Marissa, who played Summer, I got along really well with her. But really, I get along well with everyone, because everyone is so nice.

Is it hard to play a character that is part of the Timmins family? Are they anything like your family or any family you know?
They are sort of identical to a family I know, and it's really weird, because something will happen here, and the exact same thing will have happened last week at my friend's place.

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