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Nakie Pod World!

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Exit10 - Be there... or BE SQUARE!
Lower Case J - The best local punk band!
Musical Roleplaying
Alterego - The Crunchy Snack

OiOi! =] ...........January Friday 17th: I made this site in about 5mins, and ummm its not really a proper site until i can be assed to do more, be patient. email me if u have nething to say! do u like the pink scroll bar??? hehe =P .........Who likes chocolate milkshakes? i do i do i do. ...Have a nice weekend everyone! I'm back at school on tuesday! muahahahaha! =P ........................January Saturday 18th: Just got back from Tom's house and have decided to make a guestbook for the little site, even though no one is gay enough to write in it! =] hehe, please please?..... CUM ON SUMONE!!! oi oi oi =P ------------------------------------------------------------------->
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