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Andy's Den
Hi, Welcome to my Den, I'm not doing much right now, just trying to see if I can build me a
website. It seems easier than it is, with all the  HTML ect I thought I knew how to write it,
but after a few tries...needless to say this site won't look professional.
My poor car, see what happens when someone else runs a red light?
What you have here is a picture of my poor old car after I hit someone who ran a stoplight. It sucks
because I need a car to get to work, and now I have to beg rides from friends. I never realized just
how dependant I was on this old, but trustworthy little car. She is a 1990 Geo Prizm, like I said
she was old, and had a little rust on the body, but her "heart" was good and started even during the
coldest Wisconsin winters.

More about me
Well, my name is Andy, which I guess you assumed from the title of the webpage. I'm a white male aged 37 years as of my last birthday, my next birthday is coming up quickly(November 13) I'm 5 feet 11 inches tall with brown hair, brown eyes and
a sense of humor that can best be described as quirky, some would say "annoying" but that's just part of who I am I guess.
I am a rather large fellow, not why not be truthful, I'm a fat guy, I probably weigh in at 320 or so(50 inch waist) and as cliche' as it may sound I DO like going for walks in the park, mainly South Shore park down by the lake or Sheridan park in Cudahy or Wil-o-way Park in South Milwaukee, I like that park, standing on the bluffs over looking the lake at sun rise, breathtaking. The thing about parks in Milwaukee and surrounding areas at sunrise is that they're almost empty of people, you feel as if you're the only soul living on the planet(other than birds, but they just add charm to the experience in my humble opinion).
I have played baseball/softball in the distant past, but sadly have become merely an observer in recent years. I am also a fan of the Green Bay Packers, but then again, who in Wisconsin can say they're not? Hmmm? 

As you might have guessed I'm single, and yes I am looking for someone special to share my life with, I've had a few LTR's but they never seemed to work out in the end. When asked what I'm looking for in a woman I usually answer with a flippant "breathing and a heart beat" and while it's true that those are two very important qualities in a life partner, I also like a woman who isn't afraid of her emotions, isn't shy about letting me know what's bothering her. I mean I'm not psychic.

I'm a good listener, I enjoy the give and take of good conversation be it about the political climate of the day or some popular TV show(I should mention I can't stand reality TV and I am partial to SF-Fantasy TV/books/movies)or debating the existence of God or anything that hits me as mentioning.
I'm going to stop here for now, thanks for stopping by, I will try to write more as time goes along and even get some pictures up, I know a website is no fun without pics.

Have a Great Day, and enjoy your life, and whom ever you're lucky enough to be sharing it with. Life is too short to go through it alone and miserable.

See ya soon   :)