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Friday, 30 July 2004
Life, Love and other stuff
I really wish I knew what the hell I was thinking. I fell deeply in love with a wonderful woman, a woman who I could see myself spending the rest of my life with, getting to know her, find out how her mind worked. She was exciting, physically, mentally and emotionally.
I loved the way she looked at life, her plans for what she called her "army". She gave off an energy I'd never encountered before in any other woman.
I was smitten the first time I saw her natural blazing red hair. She was fun, we could talk for hours about anything, any subject, from the silly to the serious.
Her smile would light up a room, it was a warm, cheerful smile, she had a way of making everything seem to be all right, when I felt like giving in.
I Loved her more than I ever did anyone else in my life.

Posted by wi3/mbachand at 7:59 AM CDT
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Sunday, 27 June 2004
Hi All I hate to do this, but I find myself in dire financial conditions at the moment and as you for your help. I was in a car accident last week, I'm ok, but it will take $700.00 to get my car road worthy again. I ask for your help, anything you can give $5.00 or more(anything less would be eaten up in PayPay fees). Thank you in advance.

Posted by wi3/mbachand at 1:27 PM CDT
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