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Site Opening

Welcome to the Manual Scoreboard


I figure there should be some witty comment here, seeing as I'm opening this place.  I don't have that, so I'm just sayin screw it and throwin this your way.

You are here, this is the Manual Scoreboard, and yes I am a Cubs fan.   This being a new site, I figure I should introduce myself a little bit so I will.  My name's Tony, I live in Racine, Wisconsin and I've been a Cubs fan for as long as I can recall.  I mostly follow the Twins and Brewers as well, although said allegiance to the Twins is more out of the fact that their Single A team used to be in Kenosha than anything else, and as Racine is just 20 minutes south of Milwaukee (assuming there's no traffic) I sort of have no choice short of not reading anything or going anywhere.

That done with, I'll tell ya why I decided to set up shop-this site will be focused on console baseball gaming, which has been one of my loves since Ken Griffey Jr baseball on the Super Nintendo, which in my opinion belongs in the discussion of greatest baseball games.  I tell ya, ain't nothin like robbing a sure homer at Yankee Stadium, you'd have to actually do it to fully comprehend.  We'll have links to info and reviews, and also cram as much as possible here.

I figure I'll end this with these words: It was never the goat, it was never Bartman, and it was never the damn ball.  call Bootsy Gonzalez about that.


manscore poll

i figure there's gonna be a periodic poll up here every now and then, so i figure I'll put one up soon.




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