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My Christmas List

James' 2008 Christmas List

So if you didn't know I am currently training to be a flight attendant right now. Its really exciting and really fun. Its also a ton of work and going to be full of some expensive new purchases. But so far I have scored 100% on EVERY TEST!!! So some of the things I want this year are for that and some are just some silly things for me. All of the flight gear is set up to fit with airline regulation so if you decide to vary from the suggestions here you might want to check with me to make sure. That stuff can be sent to me here at the Hotel in St. Louis:

Best Western
c/o James Taipale
4530 N. Lindbergh Blvd
Bridgeton, MO 63044

If you want to get me something else more power to you. I don't want novelty stuff this year. The last thing I need is alot of stuff to lug around. I have tons of that already. Gift cards are great. No Gap please. Happy Christmas Everyone!

Sizing: Please please please order everything in small or if they have it, extra small. Thats the only way it fits. I do alter a lot of my own clothing but its nice to find something that comes just perfect :)

Shoe size 9-10 fits. 9.5 is perfect. Pants waist size 28-30 and length 30-32 please.

Other stuff can be sent to my address in Wisconsin:

705 Highland Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449


Flight Gear

(sent to the HOTEL) Tote
Luggage Piece

Other Stuff(Sent to WI)

More Shoes
The red if its in small if not any other color will do

Sorry the list is lacking in choices but like I said gift cards and what not are fine.