As always my list will be here. There maybe some odd additions and some things that I would ask for but just a little late. Coat, Jeans, Shoes, Shirts, (RED) Flight Attendant Luggage (for this one DON'T buy anything yet, just tell me if you want to get in on it. There will be certain specifications and I don't know them yet. Once I do I'll let you know. Also if it turns out to be expensive just lemme know you would rather do something else :) ), Video game, Monetary Donations (I know this one is lame for people but its really one of my favorites. In being unemployed from spet-dec this year I occured some debt. Not too much and about half of it is from my own retirement, but I'd like to pay those I owe and myself back... and I need to buy a cheap car lol), I don't really need anything trinkety or cutesty. Get me whatever you want or nothing or just send a card saying hello. I've been a busy bee lately and I won't be with any family over the holidays due to work. I don't have a permanent address at the moment and am semi squatting with friends (I pay them rent... which is just a tad illegal). So I'm going to list my mom's address for stuff to be sent to and then I'll get there when I can. The luggage thing might be an exception to that I just have to see once training starts.

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