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Jayms in Praha

Ahoj, Dobry Den!
Hello, Good Day!

My Address here is:
James Taipale Rm 317A
Kolej Komenskeho
Parlerova 6 - Prague 6 - Brevnov
Czech Republic

So I decided I could finally put some pictures up. These are just the begining. Click the titles on the right to see the pictures.

Enjoy it!
Prague Pictures
The walk from the Kolej To school
The City 1
The City 2
The Downward Road
Charles University
My Friends and I!
Erica's 21st at Lucianna
Eden and I in the Snow
Laura and I at the Bar
Some German Guy and I on Karlova Most
The communist memorial in Prague 8.
The Lareget Horse statue in the world, In fron on the memorial
A Typical Communist era statue
And its parnter statue
And one more...
Hauptstadt der Deutschland
The Berlin Cathedral
Part of the only remaining piece of the Berlin Wall
A Painting from the Guggenheim
Beagle... the secret german delicacy
Nick and I on the Pub Crawl


The idea being I can write about stuff that happens here. Kinda like a Journal :) Only the latest entry will be displayed, click the date to see previous entries!


I'm back from spring break in Berlin. Prague has never felt so great. I had a total blast, but I was ready to come back. I have school tomorrow which will drag, but I'm refreshed so it'll be fine.

I go to Krakow next weekend. I have no idea what to expect. It should be interesting I think. I'll be sure to take alot of pictures. :)

Don't really have to much else to report. I'm going to bed. Night.