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Color Guard and Saber Core

Color Guard profors at many local events including retierments and parades. Our color guard practices 2 days after school each week. For partipating in events for color guard you can earn a ribbon, arch, and cord. Our color guard this year is under the command of c/2nd LT Mike Rhodes.

Saber Core offten escours our color guard in parads and other functions. Saber Core also preforms solo at event such as military ball and graduation.Saber core also pratices 2 days a week. And you can also earn a ribbon, arch, and cor trough that. Saber Core is year is under he command of c/2nd LT Joe Brissette.

This year is the first year our color guard/saber core scrapbook which is being put together by c/PNI Annette Killman and c/PNi Siri Beckstrom.