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About me, myself, and I

OK, let's see here about me. I am 16. I live in Pleasant Prairie, WI. With my father, mother, little brother, dog and cat. Right now I am atteneding KMA, where I am active in Color Guard and Saber Core. I have also just started the Color Guard/Saber Core scrape book with the assintince of one of my really good friends c/PNI Siri Beckstrom.

I grew up a Navy brat and so I have lived in Mississippi, Washington, California, Puerto Rico, Missouri, and of course Wisconsin. My father has been in the Navy for 19 years and is retiring next July with 20 years active service. Now I used to think I knew a lot about the military until I joined KMA. And ever since then I have learned a lot. But sadly next year when my father retires I will be moving back to Missouri. That is unless I can talk my father out of the move but whole different story there. But there is not really anything eles you need to know about me.