Light Box Tableaux

These light boxes showcase sometimes humorous, sometimes mystifying moments shared in rituals brought to the US, from the mundane to the sublime.  Silhouetted figures let viewers project their own memories and emotions onto the scenes.  Colorful patterns that frame the images are inspired by designs from the cultures referenced within the tableaux. These patterns function as inside-out wallpaper, often providing a clue to what is happening inside.  Illumination brings the artwork to life, making the characters or their surroundings literally glow.  Keyhole effect and inner light combine to create a scintillating, voyeuristic viewing experience. 

See the work as it was installed for Glow Tableaux at Artisphere.
Who Needs Salvation  Mediums to Media Thumbnail Link
Who Needs Salvation

Mediums to Media

All Souls  Do Not Happy Hour 
All Souls

Do Not Happy Hour

The Wake  Now We Fish For Fun Last March 
The Wake

Now We Fish For Fun
Last March

Brief History of the Tomato  Brief History of Coffee  Heroes and Rebels
Brief History of the Tomato 
Brief History of Coffee
 Heroes and Rebels
Leave A Message Thumbnail  Selfie Evolution Jazz Ages 
Leave A Message

Selfie Evolution  

Jazz Ages 

 The Penultimate

 Interruptions in Istanbul

Six Men with a PiƱata

Is Very Beautiful

New Tide


How to Embarrass Your Date

Macho Mocha


Installed Boxes


God's 'Lil' Army


Color Fight


Nature Day


As installed in Class of 1925 Gallery

Fire Jumping


The Regular


Study Date (Distraction)

Mostly Disappointment


Watch Your Fingers


Love in Aisle 12


Do Not Touch


Endorsing Velcro




Too Small To Divide


Can You Open Your Eyes Under Water?


The Cheese Stands Alone


Get Well


Teller Blues


Hug Your Grandma


No Room for Modesty


Our Room


Cube Crisis


Left or Right Delight

Busy Body


        All images Copyright 2016, Melanie Kehoss