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A fleeting public art project curated by Melanie Kehoss
An artful farewell to the Capitol Square Bus Shelters

      This July, Madison's Capitol Square has a colorful addition:  Artist have embellished the seven bus shelters as part of Destination, a BLINK Temporary Public Art Project.  Local artists Melanie Kehoss and Jesse Walters, as well as the city's Prinipal Planner, William Fruhling, have selected proposals from seven artists to alter one structure each.  They had one day, July 1, to complete their artwork, and the public will have one month to see it.  On July 29, the shelters, along with their respective artworks, will be demolished, and replaced with sparkling new ones.  


Click here to see images of the installation and completed shelters


    You can hear the artists talk about their work on the phone, and leave comments for them!  Here is a list of the artists, the location of their shelter(s), and the number you can call for a recorded artist statement:


John Riepenhoff   Main and Hamilton   (608) 243-0131

Craig Grabhorn    Main and King   (608) 243-0132

Nina Bednarsky   Pinkney and King   (608) 243-0133

Melanie Kehoss   Pinkney and Hamilton   (608) 243-0134

Darryl Jensen   Mifflin and Hamilton   (608) 243-0135

Sean Bodley & Nick Hartley   State and Mifflin/Carrol   (608) 243-0136


    A walk-through will occur on Saturday, July 21 1:00 3:00 p.m.  The artists will be stationed at their shelters, available for questions and comments.  A casual reception will follow at a Downtown establishment, location TBA.  The event is free and open to the public.



This project was funded by the

 Madison Arts Commission BLINK Grant


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last updated June, 2007