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Welcome To Jodie’s Angels


Welcome to the internet home of Jodie’s Angels.  A Non-Profit Organization

that is raising awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drug use and abuse. We

hope that you enjoy your visit here and that you will come back often to see

what is going on within the organization, what causes we are donating to, and

any news on the status of our cause.


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Our Story

Jodie’s Angels was founded by Sigga Fagan of Milton, Wisconsin following the death of her sister Jodie Stephenson-Allen (1953 – 2001) due to cancer caused by years of alcohol and drug use in the summer of 2001. The purpose of the organization is to carry on the legacy of Jodie and to create a greater awareness of the dangers and problems that arise from alcohol and other drug use and abuse.  Jodie’s Angels donates time and money to local S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) organizations along with other organizations that are sympathetic to the cause that Jodie’s Angels feels strongly about.


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Contact Information

For any additional information about the organization or the effects of drug and alcohol abuse you can contact us the following ways:

Email Us

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Donate To Jodie’s Angels!

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Latest News

SAAD Announces Student of the Year

Jessica Billings is the SADD National Student of the Year! She is a senior at the Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield, Minnesota. Jessica has served as an Executive Committee member of the SADD National Student Leadership Council since 2004. In 2002, she was one of three founding members of her chapter and led her chapter in its first ever Grim Reaper Day. She is now her chapter’s president. Jessica also worked diligently on several seat belt safety initiatives, which included a Seat Belt Challenge, public address messages, signs, and a music video with a SADD message, which she co-produced. She was also instrumental in creating monthly themed campaigns at her school, including Integrity Month, Safe Dating Month, and Make a New Friend Month.

SAAD Partnering With The NHTSA To Raise Awareness of Pot Dangers

At age 16, when most teens begin driving, their risk for using marijuana increases. Many of these new drivers are unaware that marijuana can seriously impair concentration, perception, coordination, and reaction time - skills required for safe driving. Approximately one in six high school seniors in the U.S. admitted driving under the influence of marijuana and in 2001 an estimated 38,000 of these students reported crashing while driving impaired by the drug.
The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign has partnered with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), GEICO, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), and other driving-safety leaders to offer several free resources for parents and youth to help keep teens marijuana and drug free, before they get behind the wheel of a car. For more info visit

Walk For The Cause… MADD’s Strides For Change

Strides for Change, MADD’s signature walk, is a fun, community-driven 5K walk that raises funds and saves lives. Every step taken and pledge made will help raise funds and awareness for MADD’s programs and services that will serve to make our communities safer. For more info visit


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Last Update: September 8, 2005