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Bailey the dog
Bailey knows what he wants

fuzzy Bailey

my cousins

James and Matt on Halloween

James and old tennis partner

little Matt rockin' out

what's going on here?

James and Matt

James and Matt

Heather and James

another cousin, Jeff

Kate workin' at Walgreens

Nick, my always P.C. friend

Nick on his bike

James hard at work

on a field trip from work

eating lunch at work

waiting for our go karts

ready to rumble

watch out, co-workers!

mini me with the carrot I grew myself!

mini me smokin' a pipe

James 1

James 2

James 3

James 4

James 5

James 6
my senior pic

other senior pic

James playin' piano

sleepy James

sleepin' again

almost asleep

got milk?

watch out, world

me drinking

me drinking again

yup, drinking yet again

drunk? no way!

yikes, messy room

another shot of messy room


me and the gang

my yummy DQ beer cake

Heather stabbing a spinning pig