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British Strategies

The Reason the English were Fighting: The English believed that the Ohio Valley belonged to them, and they didn't want to lose to the French.

Fighting Style Used: The English fought in line formation. Why you ask? Well, the gun that the English fought with, the musket, was highly inaccurate, but super powerful. In order to get some accuracy out of the weapon, they built up men in line formation so that at least someone would hit what they are aiming at. It is also a technique that is super strong. It is a very powerful offensive manuever/weapon.

Weapons Used: Mainly used muskets. For close quarters, some used swords, most used bayonets. Some people used rifles, but this was not common because the rifles were very fragile and could break easily in close combat. They were also very expensive.

Movement: The British moved very slowly. When they moved through the forest, they proudly wore their bright red uniforms and pounded on the drums. The pounding on the drums was more or less so that the English soldiers would march together and in the right key. Higher ranking officers rode horses, most walked.

Other Fighting: Towards the end of the war the English used more. They finaly got their navy involved, which really helped them out.

Alliances: The British had far fewer alliances then the french did. This was in part because the French fur traded, thus, they had more connections with Indians.


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