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Indian Strategies

The Reason the Indians Fought: Money, Honor, Allies, they believed the land belonged to no one, and for power over other rival tribes.

Fighting Styles Used: The Indians helped the French with their seige tactics- Indians were usually the trench diggers- but the Indians had their own style. The Indians attacked in 2 ways- 1. Guerilla tactics. Because their armies/tribes were so small, they couldn't afford to take on massive armies head on. So, they instead attacked in quick small groups then retreated, and did it again. The British and French looked at this as cowardly behavior. The Indians also attacked in close quarter combat/melee fighting. Since the most French/English soldiers had was a sword or bayonet, the Indians were better. Indians were also better trained at close quarter combat.

Weapons Used: The Indians used more close combat weapons. For this kind of fighting they had axes, swords, hammers, hatchets, spears, etc. If they were to fight more from a distance, the Indians favored the rifle over the musket. The rifle gave them sniping ability.

Movement: The Indians were very sneaky and very smart. They moved not on open roads, but through the forests and on small hunting trails. They could also track down where armies had been. They could see proof in broken off leaves, sticks, shoe marks etc. They were very stealthy and very quick. Traveled in smaller groups and didn't march to beat. These 2 characteristics helped them to be quick on their feet.

Other Fighting: Not much.

Alliences: They had alliences with both Englan and France. More Indians favored the French more, though, because they treated them better then the English did. It really depended what tribe you were from, some went with France some with England.


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