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French Strategies

The Reason the French were Fighting: The French wanted to own The Ohio Valley so they could use it for fur trading. The French were also fighting in hopes that they could defeat and humiliate the English.

Fighting Styles Used: The French used the line formation style. It was the same tactic as England. The point was to make an innacurate weapon asd powerful and accurate as possible. Very powerful tactic/weapon.

Weapons Used: The French used the same weapons as the English. They used muskets the most because they were good for close combat fighting. They also used rifles, not too often, and bayonets for melee. Other soldiers might have used swords as well. The French also used many cannons when they performed their numerous sieges.

Movement: The French moved like the English did. They had drummers and then marched in tune with the beating of the drum. Higher officers had horses. They paraded through the woods with their blue uniforms on.

Allies: The French had many allies. Because of their popularity with the Indians because of the fur trade, they were able to recruit and have man Indian tribes fight on Frances behalf.

Other Fighting: The French, besides sieges and their massive onslaughts with their Indian friends didn't do much. They didn't use too much of a navy, if any at all.


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