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Warning: MiChIgAn GiRlS In Da HoUsE

Elizabeth vang from Lansing

Janet Vue my younger sister from Lansing

Ia Yang this is one of my very good friend from Lansing

These pretty ladies are my vue cuzz from Lansing...

Jor Vue my pretty vue cuzz from Lansing...

Youa Vang from Lansing isn't she pretty

Houng a viet girl that i use to go to skool with in Lansing...isn't she hot hot hot!!!

These fine young ladies are from lansing

These 2 hotties are Lisa and Pa yang from Lansing

This be Jor Vue and Youa Vang from Lansing aren't they pretty...

This is Iab Vang from detroit isn't she pretty isn't she pretty

This is my cousin Duckkie xiong isn't she pretty from Lansing

These 2 young ladies are my 2 pretty cousin Jacinta and Deann Vue from Lansing

May Vue my pretty vue cuzz from Lansing...

THis lady here is Pa Yang from Lansing....she a hot lady....