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First off, I'm going to assume that you liked my art enough to at least wonder about a commission. For that, I love you forever. Seriously.

That aside, I guess it would be easiest to just straight get to business, huh? If you're wanting a commission E-mail me, with:

*The idea of the picture you want me to do. More detail is better; as in the long run, you're getting what came out of your imagination, and not mine.
*(I do what you see on my site; anime, comic art, some fantasy art, original characters, chibis and things along those lines)*

** Be sure to tell what sort of paper you want it on; if you don't pick, I'll use my regular 8.5x11" acid free sketching paper (this is slightly more durable than printer paper as it is thicker and textured).

***Lastly, what sort of media you'd like it in. At the moment, I am best with pencil, inking, computer, and colored pencil. I can use acrylic and water color paints, as well as markers but I feel the quality won't be as high.

Bet you're wondering about my prices by now, right?
If you want a commission, we'll work out the price through e-mail, but these are the general guidlines:

*One to two characters on 8.5X11 paper b&w, inked, or colored is generally about $10.
*More than two characters is higher. Add $2 per person.
*You want a different sort of paper than my sketching, it'll be a little more (all depends what kind of paper and how big you want it). One to two dollars at most.
*Add about $2 if you want it done on computer. With computer art, you get the black and white drawing, the disk with the jpg on it, as well as a print out of the picture.
*You want background? One to three dollars extra, depending how detailed you want it.
Depending on how you want it shipped to you, the buyer pays half to all the shipping costs.

All together, for a drawing, it shouldn't come out to more than $12-18 (including shipping).
This, I feel is a fair price, as I know I'm not the best artist around; and many other places will charge 15 (or more) for one character uncolored.

That said, here are a few other things I feel the need to list:
* I work with -you- on the picture. I will scan up beginning sketches to the final product--you don't like something and I'll do my best to fix it.
* I do not have to accept all commissions, I take what I can.
* Depending on my time, I can get the commission done within a week or two.
* I accept money orders and cash (at your own risk; hide it between paper in the envelope..).
* Once the commission is finished, I will tell you (and show you a sample of it through e-mail). You pay me -before- I send it out. Once I get paid, your baby is in the mail.

That's all for now, I guess. o.o;;

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