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This Page Is In Memory Of The Man Dale Earnhardt. In My Eyes Dale Was My Hero,I Couldnt Wait For Racing Season Just To See Him Race.
He Was A Great Driver And Man. He Will Be Sadly Missed By Me And All His Other Fans. When I Seen The Accident That Day, I Figured He Would Walk Away Like All The Other Times.
I Couldnt Believe It When They Said He Had Died. It Took Awhile To Kick In That He Was Actually Gone. One Thing That Cant Be Taking Away From Me Is The Great Memories He Left Behind.
I Am One Of The Lucky Ones That Got To Meet Him In Person. It Was The Best Thing. Everytime I Think About It I Laugh It Was Funny.
I Walked Up To Dale And The First Thing That Came Out Of My Mouth Is I Love You. I Felt To Embrassed, He Put His Arm Around Me And Said Thank You. It Was The Greatest Feeling Meeting Him.
To All Those Out There That Didnt Get A Chance To Meet Dale Missed Out. And To All Those That Think He Was An Ass Because Of His Way Of Driving Dont Know Him. On Track He Was Aggressive But Off Track He Was Like The Rest Of Us.
I Hope Ya All Enjoy This Page And Please Come Back Anytime.