The Family

The Clan Giovanni are well respected and a seemingly genteel breed of Kindred. Renowned for their posh tastes and spoiled by wealth, there is not another Clan that rivals their influence within the mortal world and even within the Kindred Society. Seen somewhat aloof and 'above the rest' by the other clans of the Kindred Culture deep within they hide a hideous past due to their horrid nature hidden deep within their families past. A dark breed of necromancers and lords of the dead, there are none that do not tell tales of these formidable dark powers. Shunned and hunted by the Vampires during the Renaissance since the times of the Inquisition, they came to power and renown sooner then though much to the Chagrin of the other Kindred. Sealing their fate with a deal with the Camarilla they rose to prominent power and their station in the Society today. Their Home and Family still headquarter in the Canalled Streets of Venice amongst the Vampires of the Camarilla, their dark tendrils spread throughout the Kindred world like a Dark Shadow, and here In Halifax, things are no different.

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