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xCc Jessx3
Sweet Pea- Dollz, Graphics, Makers, Fun and more-
Dis chick got class*
i'd rather chew on broken glass, than
keep livin in the past & waste my time
on words i know you didn't mean. `'*
¤º°HoOcHiE pRoDuCtIoNs
sweet chick
If I could hold a star for everytime you made me smile
I would have the entire night sky in the palm of my hand.
You're kissable and cuddly
You're lovable and sweet
You thrill me every minute
And sweep me off my feet
You're charming and disarming
Desirable and true
You inspire and impress me
and that's why I love you
i aM wHo i aM
-->tHaTz aLL i WaNnA bEe
*sOo DoNt EvEn ThInK abOuT*
. .L a b e l i n g . M e . .
ya*ll look at me n* see
- iNn0cEnCe -
but ya*ll got no clue what i*ve

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