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Just a few things that Charly's said to me:

Satan Chips: I trust you, dont worry.

Satan Chips: YOu're sweet.

Satan Chips: The lake at night is beautiful.
Satan Chips: Chris, you're so sweet, you know that?

Satan Chips: Not even lying, you're nearly making me cry.
Satan Chips: You're being so incredibly sweet..

Satan Chips: Good night, honey.

Satan Chips: I dont want you out of my picture. YOu're part of my picture now.

Satan Chips: This is the kind of thing Fate does.
Satan Chips: There's no point in trying to avoid it...

Satan Chips: You dont understand how much your sweetness means to me. No one has EVER been that nice to me. NO ONE. And for the first time in my life, I feel loved. I feel like I'm making a difference in someones life.

Satan Chips: Awe... Chris....

Oh, only if you could know how happy you really make me...