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This site may or may not have information that you, the web surfer, finds important, relevant, or interesting. You may, in fact, think it's sad, pathetic, boring, and a complete waste of time. If so, feel free to leave at any time. If you don't want to be here, I don't want you here. If you want to be here, then WELCOME!!! On this site you'll find recaps of all the games plus any other random and/or miscellaneous comments I feel like making. If some of my comments offend you, I apologize. But this is my site and I can write what I want. Not to be harsh or anything...

Go Badgers!

Game comments: 2.16.04 Whoa, long time no update. The longer I delay, the more I resist wanting to update. I can't remember stuff from so long ago!!! But Sarah, my roommate, has harassed me long enough so I feel I need to finally update. Anything with an asterisk * next to it is an idea given to me by Sarah. Thanks, girly!

So on 1.24.04 we played @ Ohio State. A game so memorable I can't remember a damn thing about it. We did win 69-57. Devin had 29 points, including 5-7 from 3-point land. Not too shabby at all! Hmmm...what else to say...the Buckeyes' student section is called The Nuthouse. Because a buckeye is a nut. Clever enough...pretty funny. Doesn't beat The Gene Pool though. And of course, I can't compare anything to The Grateful Red. :)

On 2.04.04 we played Minnesota at the Kohl Center. Poor Gophers, without a conference win. Well, that certainly didn't change after this game! Final score: 80-66. My dad (Gopher fan) was in attendance and had excellent seats directly behind the Gopher bench. So he was actually seated not too far from me. I hated Kris Humphries before we played the Gophers, and I hate him even more after we played them. He is SOOOO cocky. He appears to be the epitome of an asshole. Granted, I don't know him personally, but from what I've heard...yikes. I guess he was making wise-ass comments to Bo Ryan and some of the players when he would run down the court. Ok, I'm sure a certain amount of trash-talking goes on amongst the players, but to say shit to an opposing team's coach?? Seems a little absurd to me. But hey, we won so I can't complain too much, eh? Humphries did get a technical foul this game. That was nice. Devin had another excellent game*, scoring THIRTY-EIGHT (yes, 38!!!) points!!! I was a bit sad that Devin "beat" Kirk Penney's career high in points (which was 33) but I'm now over it. Hey man, what gets us a win gets us a win. D-Ha was 5-7 from 3 again, and 10-12 overall. Also made 13-14 free throws. Nice. Zach had a great game as well, getting a double-double with 10 rebounds and 14 points. Have I mentioned yet that Zach made it onto ESPN's All-Hobbit Team? Well, if I hadn't, I have now. I think that's hilarious. Ahhh, I love Lord of the Rings. Dork that I am. Oh yeah, I lost one of my red mittens at the Kohl Center during this game.* It was never returned to the lost and found. :( :( I am very sad about this. I am now mitten-less. So hey, if anyone out there found it and has it, send me an email. :) Right...

I don't even want to remember our next game that was on 2.07.04. It was @ Northwestern. I had the...fortune...of attending the game* along with 4 of my roommates. We drove up to Evanston a bit early as to get some lunch before the noonish tipoff. While we had absolutely no luck finding a place to eat in their downtown area, we did come to the realization that there is no better place than downtown Evanston to buy a rug. Seriously, I think there were about 15 different rug stores that we spotted. Very odd. So we ended up eating at this Italian place called Gino's.* We walk in and at first didn't think that there was seating, but no!! Lo and behold, a "secret" hallway led to another area with 3 booths. So we sit and order. As we're waiting for our food more people arrive. All wearing red. Secret booth area gets jammed packed with Badger fans. Sarah has now deemed this restaurant the "open-once-a-year-for-wisconsin-basketball-fans restaurant." Could be true. So anyway, I don't think a basketball arena could be any worse than the Northwestern arena* (Welsh-Ryan Arena, or something). I mean, the Bradley Center is still my Least Favorite/Most Hated venue, but it's horrid in different ways. NWern arena is tiny. It's like a high school gym. I had to sit on bleachers. My ass went numb. The bleachers were so incredibly close together that your knees would jam into the person's back in front of you as you had knees jamming into your own back. Not a good situation. The hallways in the concourse were about 2 feet wide. Terrible. Horrible. No good. Very bad. Day? And then we had to go and play about as poorly as our team could feasibly play, while NWern shot the lights out. Bo Ryan got a technical. I really have no idea why. So we lost 51-69. There were so many Badger fans there as well. Probably close to half the arena was Badger fans. At times our cheers drowned out all the NWern fans. That was nice. Their dance line did a routine during a time out and we all booed during it and started cheering "Let's Go Red!" I thought it was funny...hey, we were losing. I was beyond being concerned for their feelings. Not sure my roommates joined in though. I think they may still believe in the sanctity of dance line routines. The NWern fans then cheered "Just like football!" towards the end of the game referring to how they beat us in football when they weren't supposed to. Sarah was pissed. I could've cared less. Football sucks. So that game sucked royally. But I did get to go to Ikea after the game. So that was a plus.

On 2.11.04 we played @ Iowa. Very nerve-racking game. We ended up winning 54-52. Iowa had a chance to win at the end with a wide-open 3-point shot, but it missed. Yay!!! Woo-hoo!!! I don't like Steve Alford. Clayton was great from 3 for us, shooting 4-6. Mike was 1 rebound away from a double-double.

Our last game was at home vs Ohio State. Total domination by us, with the final score being 48-78. A 30 point win. I can definitely live with that. Ohio State was fouling all over the place. We shot 38 free throws to their 17 (and we made 32 to their 7). Nice. This was a game on national ESPN. I had a few moments of tv glory, looking absolutely crazed. Yes, Sarah, I am jealous of how good you look on tv compared to how hideous I look.* Even though you weren't at THIS game. Yes, going to Iowa to see one of her friends is apparently more important to her than going to games. 2 Ohio State players fouled out. As Radinivic was walking back to the bench (with the Grateful Red chanting "left-right" as he walked) he turned to us and made an obscene gesture involving his genitalia. So then got "assholed" by us. Pretty entertaining.

Then there's the whole hullabaloo around Boo Wade and his arrest. Which I am not going to talk about because I have no idea what really happened. So far be it for me to make judgements about either Boo or the chick who made the allegations. And today I saw all these signs up saying "Do You Stand With Dave?" I had no idea what that was about, and quite frankly, didn't care. But I get home and I guess there's this big thing with Dave talking about his beliefs regarding Christianity or something. He's giving some speech tomorrow or something and has a website I have yet to check out. Great for you, Dave, I guess. But I have to say I don't stand with you. Not Christian myself. Well, grew up Lutheran, but now consider myself agnostic. Enough of that...I am so excited because ESPN is doing a "behind the scenes" with the Badgers. There'll be 4 shows or something on ESPN 2 (called "The Season") all about the Badgers. It should be very interesting. I think the first episode airs on February 24th. So check for that. Currently we are ranked #10 on the ESPN/Coaches Poll and #12 on the AP Poll. Yay, we're in the top 10 (in one poll, anyway)! Next up we play @ Illinois. I'm a bit nervous for this game, but I have faith we'll pull through. Hey, God's on our side (we've got Dave!), so how could we lose! :)

1.25.04 The Badger alumni game was pretty fun. There was a fair group of old guys and a fair group of younger guys. I had no idea who any of the older guys were. And I only knew a few of the younger guys. Mark Vershaw looked exactly the same as I remember him. Andy Kowske didn't look that much different either...but his hair looked darker. And of course, Charlie Wills was there. Charlie had a team high 12 points. He looked pretty good. No big analysis here...but it was interesting.

Hey, before the game yesterday, awards were given out to previous UW athletes. I really wasn't paying attention to what it was, so I'm not sure what it was for. But for guys, Kirk Penney won it. He was not there to accept it, of course. I should look into what award it was. So, Illinois got their arses kicked by us yesterday afternoon! Final score: 76-56. Dee Brown, the Big Ten Pre-season POY (w/ D-Ha) was held scoreless for much of the game. Nick Smith got a technical foul...that was nice. He's annoying. His nickname (according to my roommate and I) is Beanpole. Devin and Mike had great games. Both had career highs in points...30 and 24, respectively. Hey, I finally made it onto tv during this game! Wow, how exciting. Considering I'm in the front row, I rarely make it on tv. I guess I'm too boring. Oh well. We next play @ Ohio St. on January 28th. Where we'll definitely win.

1.23.04 Let's see...ok, we played @ Purdue on January 14th. Sadly, we lost 51-53. We apparently haven't won @ Purdue in like 29 away games. Or since 1972...or something close to that. Basically, we have not had luck there at all. I was hoping that this would be the year to break that crap-ass losing streak, but it was not to be. Well, I guess we have next year. At least we didn't get our asses handed to us like we did there last year. That game was seriously painful to watch. So at least we only lost by 2 points this year. Gene Keady is still creepy. The name "The Gene Pool" for their student section I find really funny. Bo got a weird technical foul. Hmmm...nothing else I can recall about this game that I feel like posting.

So next came the game at home against Michigan last Wednesday, in which we won 74-63. It was actually much closer than I would have liked it for much of the game. But we were able to pull away the last 10 minutes or so. Mike had an incredible game...bien trabajo, Mike! Clayton also decided to light it up from 3-point land, hitting 5 3s and a "regular" 2-pointer. I was very much enjoying that. So tomorrow we play Illinois in the Kohl Center and I'm ready to kick some arse! It'll be weird with Bill Self not being the coach...but it'll be nice to introduce Bruce Weber to the wonderful world of losing to the Badgers. The Badger alumni game is tomorrow morning in which we can see Charlie Wills, Andy Kowski, Mark Vershaw, Jon Bryant, and other former Badgers that I don't know play. This should be interesting. So, here's to another Badger win tomorrow!

1.10.04 Woo-hoo!! We beat Michigan State today 77-64!!! Sadly, however, we did not end the game with an alley-oop. Too bad, I'd be nice to give him another thing to remember. I loved a couple of signs in the Kohl Center today: "Hey Izzo--We remember too!" and "Cry Baby!". Ahh, gotta love it. I just think how good our team would be if Alando was healthy and playing. Not to take away from the players on the court now, though. They're all great, too! I wish we could see more of Chris Rock (aka Kammron Taylor) on the court, however. Maybe he could do a comedy routine at halftime sometime. Tom Izzo is a midget. Whoa, suddenly remember Devin's great alley-oop off a horrible pass from...Freddie? I thought, "Shit, that ball's WAY over Devin's head." But no!! D-Ha manages to jump up and catch the damn thing and bring it home! Very impressive. I'll remember that. I was a bit nervous early on in this game being as we fell behind 5-17. But aren't comebacks great...when they're by your team, that is. Dick Vitale was announcing our game as it was an ESPN nationally televised one. As I watched the tape of the game (no, actually going to the game wasn't enough) he wasn't nearly as annoying as I thought he was. Maybe that's just because he was praising the Badgers and Bo Ryan so much. :) I liked when he donned a red wig and conducted our band before the start of our game. Good to see Penn State beat Ohio Sate, Northwestern beat Iowa, and Purdue beat Illinois @ Illinois. Big Ten Threepeat, here we come! [I hope I'm not jinxing our season early] We next play @ Purdue. We haven't done well there the last couple of years. Hopefully we can remedy that this coming week!

1.07.04 Hey, my first update of 2004! Ok, let's see if I can remember much of interest other than box scores and stats from all the games I have yet to write on. Probably not much. :( I'm really going downhill on the whole update thing...and for that, I apologize. Hopefully it'll get much better in a couple of weeks when I'll be FAR less busy this coming semester than the current one (how crappy is it that I had to go back to school 2 weeks earlier than my fellow UWers to complete my student teaching at East High School? Waa, waa, feeling sorry for myself). Anyway, we played Marquette (the last of our in-state rivals) on December 20. We won 63-59. I hate Marquette. I am very glad we won for multiple and various reasons. I hate Marquette. They had a priest sitting on their bench. They can't even win with God on their side! Haha! I particularly liked my roommate's comment: "He's [priest] there to give the team their last rights after the Badgers kill them today!!!" Tom Crean (their coach) looks like the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. Only I guess he'd be the Unfrozen Caveman Basketball Coach. Did I mention that I hate Marquette?

Next we played at Ohio at the "Rock-N-Roll Shootout" on December 27th. I can't tell you how this "shootout" had anything to do with Rock-N-Roll, so sorry. It wasn't televised and I couldn't listen to it on internet radio either as I was at my brother's wedding. Congratulations, Brian and Shannon! Thanks for making me miss the Badger game! ;) It'd be cool if they played the game to rock music, but somehow I REALLY doubt that was the case. In fact, I know it wasn't. Too bad. They won 71-48.

Next up we played at Alabama on December 30th. We lost 56-71. :( I wasn't able to watch that game either, which maybe wasn't a bad thing since it does not appear that they played well. It was supposed to play on a channel in my hometown, so I was all excited I coud watch it. I flip to the channel at the conclusion of the basketball game they were showing before...the announcers say, "Most of you will get to see Wisconsin vs. Alabama up next." Then that game finishes and the channel cuts into some dirtbike competition. Wft?? TV Guide still says Badger game...Charter says they see no problem, try calling one is home at Fox. Boo! At least it was a game with a less than desirable ending.

Then the Badgers returned home to play the College of Charleston on January 3rd. We won handily, 75-49. I can't say as I remember much about this game right now. Some guy on the other team had really long hair that reminded me of a guy on the Packers who has really long hair. I don't know either of the guys' names because quite frankly, I don't care about either of the teams. Other than that, I can't recall anything else about it. Yay for winning. Oh man, just remember something about this game that I can't believe I forgot. Kirk Penney's dad was sitting behind my roommate's parents at the game. Her mom kindly came down at halftime to inform us of this fact. Apparently he's very enthusiastic and yells stuff like, "what are you doing, mates!?!" onto the court. That made me laugh. I guess he got a call from Kirk while at the game. So that was just a random interesting fact for you.

Which brings us to our Big Ten opener against Indiana at the Kohl Center on Tuesday the 6th. The Hoosiers' coach, Mike Davis, looks like he's constantly confused. "Hey Mike, it's a basketball game--and you're the coach." We friggin' pummeled them, winning by 35 points (79-45). Indiana only had 15 points at the half!!! My God, they are bad. Granted, we're good, but they are BAD. It was nationally televised on ESPN which was great. And Bill Raftery was announcing. He's my all-time favorite announcer. I love the guy! Not like I watched it on tv, so I never heard him actually announce the game, but the fact that he was there made me very happy. I bought some chicken tenders and fries before the game for dinner. Bucky decided to grab them from me and run away with them. Like a good little badger, however, he did bring them back. I didn't finish them before the start of the game so they were laying on the ground behind me. Bucky then runs by and tramples over them. Thanks, boy. Oh well, I'd had enough.

So next up on Saturday the 10th we play Michigan State at home. Ahh, Tom Izzo's infamous "I'll remember that" comment to Bo Ryan at the end of our last meeting in Madison. Let's see if he does. I couldn't care less if he remember every friggin' detail or has amnesia as long as we win. I have confidence. Go Badgers! One thing I'm NOT looking forward to at that game: Dickie V. Yes, Dick Vitale will be announcing our game. Ugh. I cannot stand him. He's so annoying, BABY! Well, good thing I'm at the game and not watching it televised.

12.13.03 And the second game against in-state rivals gave us yet another 'W' this afternoon with the win over UW-Milwaukee. Interestingly enough, Green Bay gave us more of a scare than Milwaukee did. We won 89-71. With each game played my amazement of Morley keeps rising. I swear the guy is all over the place! Talk about energy. He seems to get 20 rebounds and saves 30 balls from going out of bounds. I was pretty surprised to see that he had only 6 rebounds today. Not that 6 is bad, mind you. Just seemed like he had more. And Freddie had 9 rebounds??? Whoa, didn't see that coming. 5 players scored in double figures. I love it when that happens. Devin had 9 assists and only 1 turnover. Amazing. Boo played great, Nixon played great, Wilkinson made 3-3 threes...and had 18 points. Alando played great in the second half (he didn't appear the first half). All in all, a wonderful game. Milwaukee has a player named Tucker as well....I enjoyed the student section chant, "Our Tucker's better!" The Milwaukee cheerleaders were at the game and sitting by me. They were really annoying. I can't wait until we beat Marquette next Saturday, finishing our in-state run at 3-0. I very strongly dislike Marquette. Haha, they lost to Arizona today.

12.12.03 And the first game against 3 in-state rivals gave us a 'W' the other night as the Badgers defeated UW-Green Bay 73-57. The game gave me a bit of a scare in the second half, as at one point they got within 6. After us being ahead 25-40 at the half. We could've won by more if we had made a reasonable amount of our free throws. We were only 14-27 (52 percent)! But that's a dumb thing to say, really. Yeah, we also could have won by more if we hit a lot more 3-point shots, if we got more offensive rebounds, if we played incredibly stifling defense, if we broke the ankles of all Green Bay's starters, etc, etc. Ifs are pretty pointless, eh? You know, generally I don't mind raucous fans and heckling players (hey, I'm actually all for it), but there are some things that get to me. For instance, there was a guy on Green Bay who was from Spain (Javier) and people were yelling, "Go back to your homeland!" Jesus Christ, sound a bit more xenophobic and bigoted, will ya? I get it was all "in fun," but yelling that statement has too many bad connotations. Enough with my rant. We play UW-Milwaukee tomorrow. I hope it's a good game (and of course we'll win). :)

12.7.03 The Badgers kicked a little bit o' arse last night, defeating Detroit 68-42. We actually played a good frist half this game...about time! We had a nice field goal percentage (49%) and were 35% from 3. And we only had 8 turnovers, so that was good. I was very impressed with Devin...he had 9 assists (man, almost a double-double!) and no turnovers. Wow. Zach is also extremely good at rebounding...I swear he repeatedly got his own rebound. He's quite the hustler. Nothing else very interesting to say on the game. But the halftime show was great. This lady was on a friggin' tall unicycle (this alone is impressive enough in its own right) and she was flipping bowls from her foot onto her head...stacking them up on top of each other. As the 'finale' she had about 10 bowls already on her head, then she stacked 5 bowls on her foot/leg and flipped all of them up and onto her head restacking them with the other bowls. That was a horrible attempt at explaining it, but trust me, it was super cool. She will be very hard to top.

12.5.03 Ok, let's see if I can even remember the last 3 games...Ok, can't think of anything specific to say regarding the last 2 home games. I really need to write stuff up directly after the games, otherwise I forget everything I intended to say. I did cut my Thanksgiving holiday short and forced my dad to drive me back to Madison from Rochester so I could go to the Rutgers game. But he got one of my roommates' tickets, so I didn't feel too bad. How can he complain with front row seats? It was odd though, being as he's not a Badgers fan. There's an old guy standing in the front row of the student section wearing a blue shirt. Whatever. The Badgers did win both of these games, in case you didn't know. :)

So, the ACC/Big Ten Challenge #5 ended with a resounding Big Ten loss. 7-2, ACC. Bummer...I hate the ACC with a passion. At least the Badgers played a good game vs Maryland. Although while I was watching it (primarily during the first half) I thought we were playing horribly. WAY too many turnovers for comfort and still couldn't get our shots down. I don't think we've played a good first half yet. It was wonderful to see Devin get his shots (3-point shots, especially) to start falling. It was a thing of beauty to see him nail five 3s that second half. It was almost a KP-like perfomance (his second half against the Gophers a couple years ago). And Indiana losing to Wake Forest by 30+?? Holy shite. And Michigan State losing to Duke by 20+?? My God, Michigan State looked like crap. #6 in the nation? Not judging from their play the other night, I tell you. Hopefully they'll continue to suck it up. I always say I hate Michigan State...but I think it's more just Tom Izzo. Can't stand the guy. Speaking of coaches, I almost forgot how creepy Gene Keady is. That hair...

11.30.03 Happy Birthday, Mom!

11.21.03 Much to my shame, I did not attend the very first Badger game of the season--the exhibition game against EA Sports. It was on the same day as the Badger-Gopher football game in Minneapolis. Now, normally I would never choose football over basketball. But being as my dad had already bought a bunch of tickets and invited me, one of my roommates, and various other family members, I decided I would forego the basketball game for the football game. At least it was just an exhibition game. At least that's what I keep telling myself. So anyway, I don't have any interesting insights into that game. But hey, we won!

The first game of the season that I attended was the exhibition game against the NBDL team the Charleston Lowgators. We won, of course, although they did give us a bit of a scare there towards the end. I love my seats. Being in the front row can be a bit odd at times, however. Since you're very exposed, it seems like half the crowd is staring at you all the time. I student teach at a high school, so another interesting result of being in the front is that I was recognized by some of my students ("I saw Miss Christopherson at the basketball game last night! She was dancing around in the front row!"). Hmmm...slightly embarassing. Observations: I was quite impressed with Zach Morley. Boo Wade is a cutie. I didn't know Chris Rock had left his comedic acting career to play for our team--seriously, Kammron Taylor could very well be Chris Rock. The likeness is uncanny. I had almost forgotten how fun it was to be at a basketball game. I love being vocal and yelling stuff onto the court. My favorite "thing" I yelled at this game was, "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi!" This was directed at a player named Fuller. Now, most people probably wonder what the hell that's supposed to mean. It really doesn't mean anything, but those with knowledge of Christmas movie classics may recognize it as a line from Home Alone. It's that type of random crap I enjoy yelling. All in all, a very enjoyable game.

Tonight the Badgers played Penn @ Penn in the Palestra...apparently this is some great basketball arena. The only channel televising this game was CSTV (College Sports TV), of which apparently 1 person in the entire city of Madison subscribes. After calling numerous bars (listed as 'taverns' in the phone book), I finally hit upon the Oakcrest Tavern who stated that they will, in fact, be playing the game. So three of my roommates and I trucked (ok, so we bused) over there to watch it. The damn place was packed. I think we got the last table in the entire establishment. Aside from the fact that we couldn't always hear the announcers, it was pretty fun. It's always interesting when an entire establishment will collectively cheer and boo simultaneously. The team only had 6 turnovers and we outrebounded Penn 43-31. Our scoring, however, was horrendous. Don't even ask about our 3-point fg % (we only made 1). Our free throw % was not that great either. Again, I was impressed with Zach's play (9 rebounds and 12 points). Sadly, Chris Rock didn't play...but Ike played a bit! Wilkinson had a very impressive rebound total (10). And how about Boo grabbing 4 offensive rebounds?!? Woo-hoo, Boo! I loved the Penn student holding the sign that said, "Bo Don't Know Basketball." Yeah, and you don't know proper grammar. So next up we play Eastern Illinois in the Kohl Center (I love the Kohl Center!). We also get our student section tshirts that game. Very excited for that.

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