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The 3-D BMX Racing Team was started in October of 2004. They are sponsored by Arnold's Bicycle Repair & Embroidery Located at 319 Main St. Savanna, IL. 61074. The Team races at 2 different tracks, Rockford BMX, Rockford, IL and Walworth County BMX Elkhorn, WI. Walworth County is an indoor track. They are members of the ABA (American Bicycle Association).

Rockford BMX is an ABA Sanctioned Racing facility, they are ranked the #2 Central Division track by the ABA in 2004, ranked the #8 track in the U.S. by Transworld BMX magazine in 2002, and they are the Home to the ABA's Mid-West Nationals.

Walworth County BMX is an ABA Sanctioned Racing facility. Southern Wisconsin's premier BMX heated, indoor racing facility for over 20 years.

We got the kids started in BMX racing for a number of reasons, the first and most important is to have FUN, to make new friends, to learn good sportsmanship (which is something else that is very important), and how to be competitive. We live in a small town in Southwest Wisconsin, and there isn't much for kids to do in our sleepy little town, we wanted to get them into something that would get them out of the house instead of sitting in front of a TV playing video games or watching all the junk that is on TV these days. We as parents decided in the start of this that we weren't going to force them to do it if they didn't want to, we do encourage them to try their hardest and to do their best, that is all we can ask of them. Before every race we will tell them good luck, we know they can do it and if they want that first place trophy it's up to them to go get it. After every race, no matter where they finish, we tell them they did a great job, it does not do any good to yell at them like we hear some of the other parents do. We are very proud of our kids, even though we are a 2-3 hour drive away from the track and they don't get much practice time, we do see improvment in them everytime they hit the track, I couldn't ask them to do any better than they are.

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