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This is Donald, he is 10 years old, and in the 5th grade. He is in the 10 year old boys novice class, sometimes he gets put into different classes, but mainly stays in is age group. He races on a Robinson BMX bike that is blue, black and chrome. He races on the with his 2 sisters Brittany and Casie, they are in the WI02 district. Donald is a very outgoing boy, he isn't afarid to try anything once, and if he likes it, look out, his motto is NO FEAR. Donald likes to go on trips with his dad across the country in the semi, he likes to help his Grandpa Bob in his garden, and to go for rides with his Grandpa Ron in the boat on the Mississippi River. He likes to play football, and 4-square. He likes to draw, play games, ride his everyday bike and hang with friends. Donald collects Kyle Petty diecast cars, if you don't know who that is, well he is the driver of the #45 Dodge in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. Here are a few pictures of Donald on the track.

Q & A Time

1. How did you get started in BMX Racing?

My dad asked me which I would rather do, BMX Racing or Freestyle. I chose BMX Racing becuase I like to try new things and it sounded like alot of fun.

2. How do you feel about racing?

It is alot of fun. I feel nervous. It makes me feel like I can do anything, and I like racing against other kids my age.

3. Do you have any goals set for yourself in racing, if yes, what are they? Short Term - Long Term.

Short Term - To finish 1st in every race.

Long Term - To turn AA Pro when I get older.

4. How do you prepair yourself for a race?

I go out on the track and parctice, I watch the other racers on the track to see how and where they run, and just hang with my family and friends and just relax.

5. What goes through your mind when you are at the starting gate and in a race?

I hope I don't wreck, I need to get into the turn first before anyone else, I really don't think about anything other than getting to the finish line first.

6. What would you tell someone that is just getting started in BMX Racing?

Peddle liek there is a truck behine you. Try your best. You can make alot of friends if you remember good sportsmenship.

7. Do you have anything your would like to say to or about your sponsor?

Gary is a very nice guy, he has done alot for our team. I would like to tell him THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping us out with our bikes and safty gear.

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