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This is Caise, she is 8 years old, she is in the 3rd grade. She races in the 8 year old girls class. She races on a Mini that is Red, Black and Chrome. She races on the with her Sister Brittany and Brother Donald. They are in the WI02 district. Casie is a very competivtive little girl. She is our little tomboy, she likes to do anything and everything her brother does, she is his shadow. She likes all different sports, she likes to go camping and fishing with the cane pole, and this is a funny sight to see, this little bitty girl with this 8 foot cane pole. She likes to watch NASCAR racing, She cheers for Matt Kenseth, Driver of the #17 DeWalt Ford. Here are a few pictures of Casie.

Q & A Time

1. How did you get started in BMX Racing?

My Dad and my brother got me hooked on it.

2. How do you feel about racing?

I feel very nervous, and I get scared I will wreck, It makes me feel good to race against other kids that have been doing it alot longer than I have been and to know someday I will be as good as them.

3. Do you have any goals set for yourself in racing, if yes, what are they? Short Term - Long Term

Short Term- I want to finish 1st and to not wreck.

Long Term - I want to beat the world champion, and to beat George Andrews.

4. How do you prepair yourself for a race?

I stretch, and get loosened up. I practice on the track. I sit back and think about my race.

5. What goes throught your mind when you are at the starting gate and in a race?

I get into my zone and I pray that no one gets hurt. I want to beat everyone to the finish line.

6. What would you tell someone that is just getting started in BMX Racing?

You don't want to go over the berm, You don't want to wreck in the rythem section. You always want to check your bike before every race. Just have fun and be yourself on the track.

7. Do you have anything you would like to say to or about your Sponsor?

I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping us. I think he is a very nice guy. I am glad he is our sponser and I like wearing my shirt with his name on it.

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