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This is Brittany, she is 12 years old, in the 7th grade, she races in the 12 year old girls class, but most of the time she gets put in with the 15 year old girls and sometimes in with the boys. She likes to play in different sports like basketball and volleyball. She rides a BMX bike that is yellow, black and chrome, which also happens to be her school colors. Her number is 022. Brittany is on the with her brother Donald and sister Casie. They are in the WI02 district. They have only been racing since the beginning of October 2004. She has trophyed in almost every race she has ran. Brittany is a very friendly girl, she is out going, she loves to make new friends, she loves to hang out, and chat on the net with her friends. She likes to go camping, fishing, and watch NASCAR races. Here are a few pictures of Brittany on the track.

Q & A Time

1. How did you get started in BMX Racing?

My dad raced when he was a kid and I thought it sounded like fun so I wanted to try it.

2. How do you feel about racing?

It's fun, it's relaxing. It is enjoying to race different people.

3. Do you have any goals set for yourself in racing, if yes, what are they? Short Term - Long Term

Short Term - I want to beat atleast one other person each race.

Long Term - I would like to be AA Pro like Mark Melton.

4. How do you prepair yourself for a race?

I try to practice, I try to relax and get myself motivated.

5. What goes through your mind when you are at the starting gate and in a race?

When I am in the gate I tell myself I can do it, I can beat one person, I think of the song by Future Leaders of the World, Let Me Out, meaning let me out of the gate and onto the track. In the race I try to be careful but yet be competitive and win.

6. What would you tell someone that is just getting started in BMX Racing?

Good sportsmenship before and after every race is very important. Try your hardest in every race, the more practice the better. The more your race the more fun it is. And just have fun.

7. Do you have anything you would like to say to or about your sponsor?

He is really cool and nice. I couldn't ask for a better sponsor than Gary. I would like to say THANK YOU A BUNCH for doing all he has done for us.

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