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Songs by Sarkazm

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Working On 2 songs (1 by YMP and 1 by KF)
Songs completed for "fun" album: none

Update (6-5-04):
This will be the new Format of this site until I can find some better colors for the site. I'm thinking of using flash for some parts of this page, but that most likely won't happen.

Back Home Again
Latest song by Sarkazm.
The chorus lyrics and chorus vocal was written by Tom the drummer, the verse lyrics, verse vocals and the guitar part was written by Young-Min.

I'll Never Forget
(The best recording we have). The drums are fake, the guitar is real, the voice is real. The lyrics and music were written by Young-Min.

When I Come Around(Cover)
This recording is SO much better than the first few I had with Tom. Ppl are saying it's alright, but not the best thing in the world.

Throw Me to the Ground
Click here for the original acoustic version
Throw Me to the Ground by Young-Min. This version was half improvised in the second verse so it sounds messy, but this is what the majority of the song will sound like.

We Like Tha MOOON(Cover)
Kevan sings in this one lol. That's me on guitar, Jason S. on bass. The drums were fake so we messed up a little in the start. The solo was improvised, as well as the bass part.

Sarkazm "Theme"(Preview)
This song is in the process of being written and this is all I have up at this time.

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