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Throw Me to the Ground
By: Young-Min

It's been one year since we've met
It's been one week since you've left
and it's killing me to see tomorrow

I miss your hair I miss your eyes
Your pretty face and I can't lie
When you look at me I love you

Every time you pass me by
I have to to stop to wonder why
If you love me why leave me

Every time you stopped to cry
I was there by your side
to let you hold me when you need me

Just take it all away
My life my love my hopes
And throw me to the ground
Throw me to the ground

And what you have to say
Doesn't matter anymore
Just throw me to the ground
Throw me to the ground

I see lovers everywhere
I turn around and say "I don't care"
but I just can't help from feeling

Regrets that I've had for a while
Sadness from the days of denial
and from the weeks of sorrow.



2004 Property of Sarkazm