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YMP's Bio

Hey this is Young-Min the guitarist and singer of the band, Sarkazm. I first started this band with Tom with David as a second singer, but when we got Kevan (a long time friend of mine who quit Buddy Law) we reluctantly had David become the camera man.
I like a lot of bands (too many to mention) but some of them include Smile Empty Souls, Metallica (old), and System of a Down (they can be weird sometimes lol) and I'm listening to Sum 41 right now. But nothing really inspired me to start playing guitar.
I've been playing guitar for just about two years now, and I started as soon as I touched my sister's guitar. I'm not that great yet, but I'm improving greatly at a very fast pace. I look forward to future practices and concerts with the band and I hope we will (we most likely will) record at least one album.

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