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S ar k az m

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Working On 6 songs (3 by YMP and 3 by KF)

Last updated: 7/8/04

Next Scheduled Meeting: Undetermined

About Sarkazm:

Sarkazm is a rock band formed by Young-Min (guitar), Tom Washenko (drums), and Kevan Feyzi (bass). The band was originally formed by Tom, Young-Min and David, but when Kevan became our new bassist, we reluctantly had David become our camera man. Sarkazm has several songs written, and we plan to get out a demo CD for everyone late summer, or at the beginning of the school year. More will be added as the band works on getting together more often. For now, look around and listen to some of our music!


July 14 04

Ok. So Kevan has written lyrics to Bad Days (an AWSOME song to play), and we've recorded it for secret site members only. Kevan and Young-Min also recorded "Throw Me to the Ground" a song that may be deleted from an album (if the band ends up making one). Check the songs page to listen to the new recording of "Throw Me to the Ground".

July 7 04

We have some new recordings at the secret site, one of which will be placed here (I'll Never Forget). Tom and YMP did some WILD recording (I'll also put that recording up), and had one crazy time LOL. Check the songs page to see what's on. Hope you all like it.

July 5 04

YMP hasn't sang yet, but new recordings are out for secret site members. Kevan and YMP recorded 7-5-04, and have worked very hard on two songs. One of which is Throw Me to the Ground. Full band recording of Throw Me to the Ground will be ready the next time the whole band meets. New counter added.

June 30 04

Sarkazm's songs will be better as soon as I get to YELL thru the mic. New lyrics page added.

June 30 04

This site is going through a MAJOR update, so you'll see several changes if you come here often. The font will be changed, but it won't be for a while.

June 13 04

All the songs posted here are really old, so don't be shocked if you find the singing to be horribly sickening.

June 13 04

Took aout most songs in the songs page (I'm only gonna put up covers that sound good enough from now on).

June 7 04

Kevan and I will be meeting (hopefully) this Sat. We'll get some recordings out around that day.

June 5 04

This will be the new Format of this site until I can find some better colors for the site. I'm thinking of using flash for some parts of this page, but that most likely won't happen.
I've listened to Buddy Law's tracks. They're good with all those solos, but not enough variety. Anyone who likes songs that basically say things like "Get up and go" or "Let's do this" should get Buddy Law's CD, but they just don't have any songs that really catch your attention at first. If you have comments (good or bad) about Sarkazm's songs, tell me about them and I'll post your comments here.


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